Who should it be (pt2)

So, I asked a question in the suggestion box of who my fav dc villain should be. Someone said put it in here now. Also, I have narrowed it down to Bane and Lobo. Still stuck there tho

Let me help if I can. Go with Bane. If for no other reason than he fits the literal definition of a villain. Lobo has no desire to enslave or destroy entire universes, and recently was part of Batman’s JLA team. Morally murky would be putting it nicely, but I don’t think he’s a true villain. Bane on the other hand is determined to destroy all who challenge his supremacy. While Lobo and also Deathstroke do some evil things, they clearly aren’t motivated by the sort of raw evil that characters such as Darkseid, Trigon, Anti-Moniter, Joker, etc are motivated by. Bane fits the mold of that last batch of characters I mentioned as well. Plus, if you agree with my opinion of their overall character make up, then you don’t have to feel bad for excusing Lobo, and you can call him your favorite EXTREME anti-hero​:joy::four_leaf_clover:

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Thanks, I will take that into consideration​:+1::+1: with that, Bane is now my new OFFICIAL fav villain