Who should be the next Batman?

I wouldn’t mind seeing Dan Stevens in that role. He is pretty tough in "The Guest"so I think he could pull it off if he bulks up a bit. If they go younger, they should find an unknown.

I personally think they should have just Samuel Jackson/Captain Marvel’ed Ben Affleck for the younger look, but I know obviously that’s not gonna happen. I really liked Affleck as the Bat, particularly in BvS, when he wasn’t cracking dumbass “I don’t NOT… like you…” lines. They were going for that Dark Knight Returns feel, and they got it. I wanted Affleck as Batman since MallRats - his jawline just SCREAMS Batman: The Animated Series, and he looks great in a business suit, to boot. I was really hoping for a big, cohesive, and COHERENT DCEU, but with Affleck, and now it looks like Cavill, abandoning their posts, it just feels like a mess. Sure, the newer movies are great, and I hope they do well, but when JL2 inevitably happens, it’s going to feel so inconsistent.

That being said, I hope this new Batman won’t just be another origin story, we’ve seen that enough. What I’d love to see, is for DC to center the Batman series on the various Robins, using them as a sort of ruler for time, so to speak. Sure, the movies would be Batman, but using Robin as a meter for time taking its toll on ol’ Batsy would be a smart move. Besides, I still want to see what Joker and Harley did to Robin (assuming it’s Jason Todd) and how it fits with the mantle being passed from one kid to the next.

One thing I do know, is that the scene in BvS when Lex Luthor is watching the security footage, and Batman drops down and yanks the security guy into the ceiling is the single most Batman moment in any movie they’ve done yet, and I want to see more of it. I once saw something about how Batman from the point of view of a criminal or henchman is more like a Predator movie, and I love that idea.

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Older Batman: Sam Elliot
Younger Batman: Ryan Potter

How about Scott Eastwood??

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Time for Stephen Amell to super hero big screen movies as Batman.

My choice was Matt Bomer. But he is now Negative Man.

Someone said Russel Crowe and Ben Browder. But age is an issue with him.

Hugh Jackman would have been AWESOME 5-10 years ago.

Something about Armie Hammer makes me dislike him.


I’m kidding. Absolutely not.

Idris Elba has been cast as Deadshot.

Adam Driver doesn’t have the look for Batman.

Ryan Gossling… could be decent. He really has been surprising in some roles.

I was against Gyllenhall originally, but he is growing on me.

I’m also really starting to like the idea of John Krasinski as of late.

Thor’s brother, the other Hemsworth, Liam.

But to be honest, I think they need to do like they did when the chose Cavill. Go with a relatively unknown actor who fits the role.

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Jon Hamm for the next Bruce Wayne!!!

Armie Hammer or Karl Urban or unknown like Routh & Cavill.