Who should be the big bad villain for season 3 (if there is one)

while the season is not done yet i cant help but wonder what they will do villain wise for season 3. I’m leaning towards Blackfire or possibly brother blood. or even the hive. Whoever they go with hopefully they get more attention then the wasted Trigon.


If you go watch dc daily Anna drop confirmed black fire is going to come to titans


oh, i did not know that i will check that out asap :grin:

It would be cool to get a live action version of the Fearsome Five

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I either saw it there or somewhere else I can’t remember

I second the Fearsome Five

Blackfire i think will probably be season 3 villain

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Big bad Mad Mod.

that’s not a bad idea. though i think such a wacky character like him would fit better in Doom Patrol.

Possibly, but personally- I hope not. He was introduced in Teen Titans, he is popular from the animated show, and I don’t watch Doom Patrol.

They already name-dropped Blackfire, and put the “Kory forced to return home” thread on hold. That seems like the obvious direction to go in. Honestly, I think it would be cool if the team was transported to Tamaran somehow; but I consider that possible, but unlikely.

Why not yours truly? Im a viable threat to those insufferable dullards.