Who should be Supervillain of the month for July 2020

Here is the poll for which supervillain we will have for July 2020

  • Mirror Master
  • Captain Cold
  • Mister Mxyzptlk

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The poll will be open thru Saturday, June 20th and the voting is allowed only by club members.
So if you want to vote, join the club.

If you are a member and have problems with the poll, please DM me, and I’ll work with the mods to get it sorted out.


I know you’re a big Barry fan @DeSade-acolyte, but I think Mxyzptlk would be a blast.


That’s why we do the vote. :smiley:
I think it’s important that the club members have a say in what we do.


@DeSade-acolyte, have you read JL/Black Hammer?

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Nope. What’s it about?

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It’s a pretty fun ride. I only mention it because Mr. Mxyzptlk is in it.

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Thanks @AquamonC137
Good to know. I’ll keep that recommendation around. Mxy may not win the vote, but I’m sure we will get to that imp at some point.

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Cool, and Mirror Master’s my favorite rouge! Very cool power.

There was a thread about Bizarro. It’s tempting to troll the thread since it’s sort of our wheelhouse, but i am not sure how intricate a character he is to warrant our exploration.

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I’ll try and put him in the next vote. :+1:

Ah dang, I missed the vote, stoke for July though :raised_hands:t4::boom:… are the results in?

It will be Mirror Master and the thread is theoretically imminent…


Yep it’s MM & yep the thread is imminent.

The July 2020 - Mirror Master thread is now up.

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The Batman who laughs since he is very praised now, or Punchline who is getting the same treatment.

Surprise surprise.

OK, what are we supposed to do in this club

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The Psychology of Supervillians club. Each month will highlight a supervillian and give members the chance to step into their mind and determine what makes them tick.

Our current villain for the month of July is Mirror Master.

The first message of the thread is the disclaimer. The second message contains resource both comics and video. Although you can use whatever source material you want.

So far we’ve done Vandal Savage (March) Sinestro(April), Riddler (May), and Ra’s Al Ghul (June).
Currently for July, Mirror Master.
For August, Mister Mxyzptlk