Who shops in the DC Shop?

Ok I look at the shop from time to time, but little reviews of items, so my question is. Who shops in here and what have you bought? I want to know because I have been debating on buying something in here.


@LunaNights I haven’t bought from the shop yet, but I do have my eye on that Batman and Baby Darkseid statue.

I have my eye on the Robin sweater, but they don’t have my size. I’m definitely going to buy it once they restock on size small.

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raises hand I’ve bought some of the exclusive Justice League figures from the DCU shop.

I was thinking about getting some Aquaman stuff.

The Shazam baseball hat looks cool, but it’s just so expensive

I am always browsing about as well.

I think I’m gonna order somethimg exclusive on Friday, just to say I have something exclusive :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing can justify those prices for me yet, lol.

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I buy some swag from the store. Mostly hype buys when new stuff arrives before big releases.

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I would for tees or hoodies…but i already have alot of those already…i wished they had a Superman chain/necklace, i would scoop that in a heartbeat.

I do got Justice league Superman

I’ve browsed, but never have the money for anything on it.

I bought the Batman Phonecase.

Yup, tons of tees for the fam.

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I’ve bought a couple shirts. I got a Superman shirt & an Aquaman shirt.