Who’s the best robin? Give an explanation and a brief reason :slight_smile:

  1. Dick Grayson
  2. Jason Todd
  3. Tim Drake
    (3.5 if you want to include Stephanie Brown)
  4. Damian Wayne

give a brief explanation

give a brief explanation

Tim Drake from Batman TAS.

He had the best origin-Street kid son of a criminal whose dad was killed by Two-Face. They took Jason’s backstory, but made him a kid like Dick. For some reason the quirky sight of a hulking Batman with the little kid in tow made for an iconic dichotomy.

Best episodes: Sins of the Father, Growing Pains, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker


I think, subjectively, the best Robin is Tim Drake/Wayne. In fan’s eyes, he is seen as a late gen y/dawning gen z teenager. I really like his style and I think (excluding Red Hood because he uses guns) that Tim is the most dangerous Robin. He took down Joker by himself, he beat up Damian more than once, he was trained by like 10 people, he’s a certifiable genius, he defeated Rā’s Al Gūl (granted, with a lot of help), and he can be a really funny guy when he wants to be. I like him. Unlike my more educated counterparts, I have no objective information or literary terms. I just really like Tim :slight_smile: