Who’s smarter Lex Luthor or Tony Stark ?

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Lex can be continually defeated by the World’s Greatest Super Heroes, but more often than not, he still manages to elude prison and the consequences of his actions. He always manipulates things to his advantage to come out on top.

Tony has had to face the consequences of his actions several times and he’s often hit rock bottom.

I give the advantage (if it can be called that) to Lex.


It’s not really stated how smart Lex Luthor compared to the rest of the DC Universe. It says that Mr. Terrific is the third smartest man in the world, but it doesn’t say anything about Lex, I don’t think. Here’s a list of people that are probably smarter than Lex Luthor in the Marvel Universe. I’m more of a Marvel fan, so you might not agree with this. For some reason they have established that Moon Girl is the smartest, so she’s obviously smarter than Lex. I would also put Mr. Fantastic, Valeria Richards, Dr. Doom, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and Hank Pym. I would probably put Lex above Amadeus Cho, who constantly refers to himself as the eight smartest person in the universe, so Lex would still make my top ten.

Lex for sure.

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I would put Brainiac-5 as smarter than Tony, but I would say Tony is more intelligent than Lex.

I am prepared to change my mind if someone points me to a few comics where Lex does ultimately come out on top due to his brilliance. I just haven’t seen enough of those to convince me.

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Reed Richards or Victor Von Doom > Lex Luthor. Lex Luthor > Tony Stark. Tony is a better hands on engineer, but Lex is a better theorist. I still love Tony 10 times more than Lex. Besides, I don’t think Lex has ever headlined an ongoing comic😀.

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Lex Luthor is so smart, he can invent a cure for cancer on a dare.

Depends on the storyline.

Probably Tony but Lex is also smart dam good questions

Lex is the 2nd smartest human being in the DCU. Tony Stark has drank his brain cells into oblivion. Lex is a hundred times smarter. no question!

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As much a I love me some Tony Stank I wouldn’t even put him in my Top 5 Smartest comic book Characters in fact he might just barely crack top 10. I’m mean you got guys like Lex, Bruce Wayne , Reed Richards, Ray Palmer, Hank Pym

Tony Stark is smarter and more human! Lex is only obsessed with destroying Supermen whereas Tony manages a corp, manages the Avengers, manages crisis on planet earth while dealing with the government. Also, he still has time to give humanitarian aide to other countries.

Luthor, cured cancer on a dare. Escaped from jail probably over 20xs . Stark escaped once with help from whole team.

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Tony Stark isn’t even the smartest Marvel character. Both Hank Pym and Reed Richards are considerably more brilliant. Intellects on the level of the Braniacs would crush him easily.

What Tony Stark is though is probably the best engineer considering that he was able to build and power the first Iron Man suit with what amounts to garbage. Give him a problem without a mechanical solution though and he doesn’t bring as much to the table.

Luthor on the other hand is great with a broad range of topics but he is not as good at building things. His battlesuit for instance requires Kryptonite to run and that is a more or less naturally occuring element (or an unnatural one he had no hand in creating if we’re to believe some versions of the origin).

The only character I can think of who really exceeds Stark as an engineer isn’t Lex. It’s John Henry Irons. He built the Steel suit (in the original continuity at least) in similar circumstances to the first generation Iron Man but it is way more effective at doing the same thing.

I’d go with Lex.