Who’s Side Are You on In Injustice? Batman or Superman?

I see where they both come from, but I agree with Batman more than I agree with Superman. However, I think Batman should have killed Joker a long time ago.

  • Superman
  • Batman

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Call me crazy, but I’m generally not a fan of fascist, totalitarian regimes, so…


I just want to know why the Big Belly Burger in Israel serves cheeseburgers. That’s nuts.

I don’t know who the weak-willed, cowardly man wearing the Superman costume in Injustice is, but I know he’s sure as Hell not Superman.

And I see Joker’s continued wellbeing more as a failure of the American justice system than a failure of Batman.

Also, totalitarian or fascist? There’s a difference.


All is right with the world.

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What surprised me most about injustice was it was Wonder Woman who led Clark down the path he went down.