Who’s ready for “The Batman Who Laughs” ???

Who’s ready for “The Batman Who Laughs”??


I believe that character has his dialogue in red text, which is highly unusual.

I can’t read the red text. Partially, it may because all my new comics are digital and it may render better in print.

So I will be skipping it.

In excited for this story. Love the character . One of the best new characters in awhile.

A highlight for next week. Should be a good 'un.

I’m so excited! He is the right balance for being a joker and batman crossover. Hes not to much of one or another!

I can’t wait to see the plan he has for our Batman!! Plus I want to see what the grim Knight is about?

So geeked about this while reading dark Knights Metal he quickly become one of my all time favorite DC characters something so compelling about a Bruce Wayne who has all the skills and strengths as Batman but non of his morals he truly is the ultimate apex predator. I absolutely love everything Scott Snyder has done for the batman universe so happy that this character finally has his own series even if it’s just a mini issue one is just exceeds expectations and can’t wait to see where they go. In closing I’m very happy with it hahahahahahah stay metal bat-fam

Issue one was amazing! Cant wait see where it goes. That ending had me shocked? Joker you lunatic!

The first issue was so good! Such a great concept, I can’t wait to see where they go with it.

With Jock on art, this was an instant buy!