Who’s getting pumped for Megacon?

I know I am! The talent keeps adding up. If you live in Central Florida you’re probably well aware of this convention.

A few of the guests I’m most excited for are Tom King, Artgerm, and Zachary Levi. Lynda Carter was announced recently and she’s amazing. Will Friedle, aka Terry McGinnis, is my must have signature for the show.

Most of all, the 80 years of Batman event looks like it’ll be a lot of fun!


It looks awesome. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to attend. I’m very tight with money right now.


@Batmite, I am super excited for this year’s MegaCon! Zachary Levi and Lynda Carter are some at the top of my list as well as several others, such as The Lost Boys cast! They just keep adding and I just keep watching my bank account getting smaller. :wink:


@Pretty.Poison.Bombshell I know! It’s nuts how many people they keep adding! I want to get everyone from The Lost Boys to sign an issue of Batman #14 (New 52 or Rebirth of course) :wink::bat::vampire:‍♂