Who’s excited for swamp thing

I been looking at set pictures of swamp thing I’m looking forward to seeing it who’s excited for swamp thing

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I am, very much so!!

I am

Really having trouble getting excited for this one. If it ends up having enough of an ensemble cast to head in the direction of a JL: Dark series, then perhaps. I would like to see it, Titans, and Stargirl all be set in the same universe with the possibility of some crossover type events.

Let’s put it this way I am going to upset if it sucks I looking forward to this show more then any of the others

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I hope there’s a Poison Ivy cameo. But yeah, I’m up for it. I don’t recall seeing a DC horror TV show before.

I seriously hope Swamp Thing is NOT linked to Justice League Dark. And I hope they don’t jump directly to The Anatomy Lesson.

In my opinion, Swamp Thing is so eerie because the main character is alone in a world gone crazy. He’s become something he doesn’t recognize. The main antagonist is making deals with demons. And the demons are actually treated like demons. They’re way more powerful than humans; they’re unpredictable; and, they’re downright evil.

And the antagonist, as evil and powerful as he is, is simply small potatoes compared to the demons that he’s made deals with. So, as Swampy struggles with his world, his enemy, and himself, there’s always an undercurrent of knowledge that the world contains much worse. And it’s impossible to avoid the parallels between Hell and the hell that Swampy’s life had become. (Arcane chooses his path, but Swampy’s path is thrust upon him.)

Eventually, Abby comes along. And The Anatomy Lesson happens. Swampy’s world is brightened a bit by Abby and her understanding. And he begins to understand himself and his world. And we, as viewers, are simply along for the ride.

Maybe, in season 2 or season 3, we might see Justice League Dark. But then, the whole feel of the show will change from horror to adventure. And I’d much prefer this series to be a horror show.