Who Pays for Property Damage in the DC Universe?

whenever I’m reading something and the JL is fighting the LOD or whatnot, the city is usually messed up really bad. It’s like that one spongebob episode where they take care of a caterpillar. So I’ve been wondering, who pays for all the damage? I know if I were living there I would be happy that superman saved my life but upset that he used my car as a weapon against toyman.

Are there any comic panels that states who pays for the damage?


Batman: White Knight gets a lot of mileage out of exploring this question.


Oh I already read, it’s not really a surprised that Wayne pays for it/helps out, but that’s mostly Gotham, what about other cities? Like, what about during a crisis event like infinite crisis, who payed for all of that? Or the time when the siniestro Corp invaded earth there were dead bodies falling everywhere and of course, buildings getting destroyed. Who payed and rebuild all of those?

In some cases, it has been Lex Luthor who steps in and helps with the repairs. In fact, that’s a major reason why he was elected President in 2000.


Well that explains why would they pick a sociopath who tried to kill superman(and the rest of the league) on multiple occasions to be president. I’ve been wondering for a while why people voted for him.

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I think it varies. But my guess is that it is probably the people. I don’t see insurance companies covering intergalactic wars and modern gods. I also don’t see any one rich guy paying for a destroyed city from their own wallet no matter how rich.

I really enjoyed this as Benjamin Lockwoods origin story in Supergirl season 4. What happens to the common person when the heroes defend them.

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I’d love to see a Damage Control-type book set in the DCU. But, this is one of those “breaking the fiction” questions.


Wasn’t the show Powerless something like this? Or there was an episode or something at least. (And can we get it brought here to the service also?!)

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I saw a really funny tumblr post awhile back that theorized that buildings could get bundle insurance packages for damage caused by some villains but had to cover themselves for other villains. Like, they’re covered if Joker or Mr. Freeze causes damage to their building, but they’re on their own if Penguin causes problems.

There was some other stuff about switching out villains based on how active they were the year before as well. So you could be covered for Joker and Mr. Freeze one year, but if Penguin was causing a lot of problems that year and Mr. Freeze was seemingly lying low, you could switch out Mr. Freeze for Penguin the next year.

I don’t think Joker would ever be switched out.

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State Farm has a “Superhero Clause” in both auto and property policies “in the case your things are destroyed by a superhero…” It depends on where you live. Gotham, Metropolis, Star City… places like that. :smile:


Bruce Wayne covers for the damage in Gotham, at least in Gotham white knight.

that sounds like a pretty cool idea, will it cover previous stories like infinite crisis?

Never seen a single episode so I have no idea.

Hmmm, ican see that happening

that makes sense, I could totally see them doing that in our world as well

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I mean, I’m not pitching anything here, I just like the idea of a business whose job is to clean up the heroes’ messes.

Who knows, maybe someone else has the same idea

Like @AlexanderKnox said, Batman White Knight #3 mentions the Batman Devastation Fund. This panel also happens to be I think one of the best Batman garage scenes ever:

Which apparently costs $3 billion each year!


EDIT: I just realized @American-Alien already read White Knight, but still…look at those Batmobiles!


Batman probably pays Alfred to clean the destroyed areas.


There’s definitely an insurance agency of that kind in the DCU. Also just hand Superman a tool box and he’s good to go, you know he won’t charge for a second of his time.

When it comes to collateral comic book damage, it’s not because of the superheroes. It’s the fact that there is unspeakable cosmic and internal evils that would want to reduce our quadrant of the planet to a smoldering crater as a mere example of their power before turning their attention to the entire galaxy because we are but specs tinier than even mites in the void of the universe who don’t deserve to share their breathing space in their eyes. Superheroes help to reduce the damage but not all. With this in mind, invest in Omega Threat Level insurance because you can rebuild your home but not creation itself.

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