Who Painted This JSA Portrait?

Just curious: Who painted this ISA portrait? I mean, in-universe, did they all just sit for a portrait? Was it one of the ISA themselves who likes to paint? Or maybe a family member or henchman? Possibly one of Ito’s drones…

Are there outside artists one can hire but then sign or swear (or threaten) to a non-disclosure agreement? And did Jordan kill the artist afterward to ensure their secrecy? I’m just genuinely interested in how a supervillain group commissions a big portrait like that. Maybe there are supervillain artists that are popular in those circles.

In fact I am curious about all the minutia of running a super-villain group in general. How do you build a headquarters and furnish it? Are there architecture firms and designers who specialize in that?

And how do you recruit henchmen? Do they have health plans, 401ks or pensions? Do supervillain groups have HR departments?

If you are a henchman and you get injured in a fight, and have to go to the hospital, are the staff legally obligated to report frozen body parts or raygun blasts or magical lightning injuries to the cops? Or do you take the job knowing that even a minor injury might result in your death because you can’t be taken to the hospital for fear of police involvement, or perhaps you might let something slip under the influence of anesthesia.

This is not a criticism at all but rather a speculation into how the practicalities of running an organization like that would work.


Icicle’s actor said Dragon King did it.


Having someone like Brainwave in your group would help with a lot of these issues. If you wanted to be humane, you could just wipe the minds of everyone who came in to work on your evil lair. Or you could just kill them all afterwards. Or mind control someone into painting it for you. This kind of reminds me of the super lab storyline in Better Call Saul. Just like there are people willing to work for and with criminals in the real world, I’m sure you’d have at least a few skilled people who’d have no problem doing work for supervillains.


I have to agree with Green Lantern, in real life you have people willing to work for and with criminals, so the same would probably hold true with supervillains in a superhero world. As to recruiting henchmen, I suspect that comes down to promises of easy money. There may well be many a petty criminal who would gladly work with the ISA. Of course, there are also those supervillains that, for the life of me, I can’t understand why any henchman would work for them. An example of this is The Joker. I am sure The Joker pays well, but then he also has the habit of killing his henchmen on a whim…


i love this painting

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In my mind Solomon Grundy painted it, because that’s hillarious to visualize.

No really tho, i get your curiosity. I chuckle at Dragon Kings whole ancient dungeon vibe, and a massive budget on candles, when everything is all modern and wi fi just outside those wooden doors. (No really, that guy goes through some candles

He mind controls the candle makers to give him candles for free.