Who owns Powerless??

I’ve been thinking of how beyond the upcoming Harley Quinn and Swamp Thing (#saveswampthing) there isn’t a lot of
non-superhero programming

I missed Powerless during its initial run on NBC and it would make for a great addition to the DCUNIVERSE

Granted Superheroes is the bread and butter of this platform but still, something different that existed could get some easy views!


As far as I can tell (and I have tried to look into this several times,) NBC owns the streaming rights to Powerless. They may be hesitant to license those rights out due to the impending launch of their own streaming service at some point. How long they retain the rights and whether or not there is a time limit on that or if they own them in perpetuity, I can not say. On the other hand, it isn’t like Powerless is a hot commodity, it did rather poorly in the ratings afterall.

It would absolutely be a nice addition to this service, though, you’re right. If you haven’t seen the show at all, you can google “Where to watch Powerless” and a few different options pop up, one or two of which are free if you don’t mind commercials. It’s a pretty silly show and I truly wish that a better version of it/a version of the show that found its way existed. The cast is phenomenal and all of them were on VERY hot streaks at the time. It’s truly a shame that it didn’t pan out in the end.

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I miss Powerless too. It was a great show and I wish it would come back.

Like a lot of sitcoms, takes a few episodes or even a season to hit its stride. Powerless had it figured out by episode 5 or so with the last few just nailing it. Networks need patience, there’s many all time sitcoms that didn’t really start attracting an audience until the second season, Seinfeld and All in the Family being just two.

Powerless is great fun!

It’s owned by Warner Brothers Television.

Yes I would like Powerless to be on here.

Powerless is on Tubi for free.

Batman 66 is showing for free on the Roku Channel, and as much as I like powerless and love Batman 66 I don’t see the point of the DCU spending money to bring them here when members can easily watch them for free elsewhere. The DCU should save it’s money for original programing.


I loved Powerless, but yeah seems NBC has a say and does seem unlikely they will want to give it to a Warner owned service. I do hope sooner or later they do, I did see it elsewhere but it would be such a great fit for the service.

@BrightKnight, I agree with you to an extent in that I feel Batman and Powerless don’t need to be on DCU until we have more obscure and lesser known TV shows on the service…like the Ruby Spears Superman series, the original Human Target, the Filmation Shazam!, The Zeta Project, Krypto The Superdog, or maybe one day that JLA pilot produced for CBS in the 90’s.

Hey, if Aquaman from The WB can make it’s way here, then the JLA pilot should be able too as well, right?


@Vroom: Exactly, I would add the Batman serials from the 40’s to your list. The serials aren’t really all that good, but the Batcave, skinny Alfred, the Grandfather’s Clock entrance to the cave all came from the serials.

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And, buy the Blackhawk and Captain Marvel serials

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Hoping Spielberg’s still working on a Blackhawks movie.


@Vroom The possible difference between the Aquaman Pilot (or the 70’s Wonder Woman Pilor, or the Spirit Pilot actually) is that there are issues with Royalties as well as there being no digital copy I would assume so they would have to spend money to make one. But think Royalties would be the problem.

The difference between Aquaman is it did air overseas, was streamable on Amazon at one point as well as was released as a bonus feature on a Smallville DVD. So likely all of those things are worked out. Who knows what would be involved in working those out with something produced 20 years ago that never had any kind of release or airing.

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@BrightKnight The fly in the ointment with the Batman serials is that Columbia Pictures (who is owned by Sony) owns them and is seemingly intent on keeping them.

If a licensing agreement could come to fruition between WBHE and Columbia, I’d be very happy to see those serials here. It doesn’t seem like any non-WB owned DC content will be on DCU in the forseeable future, which makes sense in all honesty.

@DTMO Right you are about the Aquaman pilot’s pre-DCU availability. I’m thinking it’s a good thing the JLA pilot hasn’t been officially released as it’s pretty crummy in all honesty.

Then again, Justice League turns 60 next year, so maybe that pilot will eek it’s way out of the vault and into a professional release of some type to commemorate the franchise’s anniversary.

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Let’s add the 1961 Superboy pilot to our wish list, it’s a shame it never made it to series, it wasn’t that bad for it’s time.

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If nothing else, get the cast of Powerless to join their former co-star Alan Tudyk on Doom Patrol in an episode where we find out Mr. Nobody has been posing as Bruce Wayne’s cousin.


@mrmiracle that actually would be hilarious.

And I agree @Vroom, while seeing a better quality picture of it might be interesting that was simply not a good pilot, I did not stay awake at night wondering why it wasn’t picked up. If nothing else, Powerless gave us a more recent and better adaption of Fire/Green Fury/Green Flame so at least that horrible movie is not the only portrayal of her… sucks for Ice though. Was hoping that girl in the Doom Patrol episode of Titans would be Ice, but seems we may never know.