Who Me? An Extremely True Crime Podcast With The Batmin! Discussion Thread

Note- This podcast can be found through Comedy Bang! Bang! World. I am not affiliated with CBB.

Each episode features Batman (Bobby Moynihan) interviewing a new suspect to find out who killed his parents. Brett Morris, the engineer and soundboard operator, plays Alfred.

Here’s a list of episodes.

Episode 1- Taran Killam (Himself)
Episode 2- Superman (Ben Rodgers)
Episode 3- Wonder Woman (Nicole Parker)
Episode 4- Martian Manhunter (Will Hines)
Episode 5- Black Adam (Eugene Cordero)
Episode 6- Robin (Shannon O’Neill)
Episode 7- Catwoman (Sofia Gonzalez)
Episode 8- Commissioner Gordon (Shaun Diston)
Episode 9- Mr. Freeze (Will Sasso)
Episode 10- Poison Ivy (Patty Guggenheim)
Episode 11- Harley Quinn (Shelby Young)
Episode 12- Batman (Pete Holmes)
Episode 13- Bane (Jon Gabrus)
Episode 14- Michael Giacchino, composer for The Batman (2022) (Himself)
Episode 15- Javelin (Flula Borg, role reprisal from The Suicide Squad)
Episode 16- Mr. Mxyzptlk (Thomas Lennon, role reprisal from Supergirl)

I love improv comedy.