Who knows the “Secret” identity of Batman?

There’s a recent post similar to this but more centered on Catwoman/Batman so I started this new.
I post a lot about missing when Batman had mystique and was a kind of urban legend and it drives me nuts how many people know that Bruce is Batman. On one hand I get it, but on the other comics require suspension of disbelief so he should be able to keep it secret. And he tells people after knowing them for about twenty seconds.
After catching up on Outsiders today there are even more! So I thought I would make list to show how ridiculous it has gotten.
Unless there was a specific alteration in a reboot, I’m using all eras but not Elseworlds or other Earths. For example, Riddler knows in Hush and since Hush seems to be part of post New 52 continuity, or I’ve never seen it contradicted, I’m saying Riddler knows. I’m going try to list only people I am confident in and not “oh they must know”. Example, Huntress probably knows but have I seen it? Not sure. Some might have been undone and I missed it.
Alfred, Dick, Jason, Tim, Damian, Barbara, Kate, Cassandra, Duke, Lucius, Selina, Superman, Lois, Jon, Diana, Flash(es), Green Lantern(s), Hawkwoman, Aquaman, Black Lightning, Booster Gold, Jarro, Spoiler, Blackhawks, Leslie Thompkins, Luke Fox, Jean Paul Valley, Manhunter. So many heroes I can’t even keep track. And the League isn’t very good about using open comms and calling each other by first name so any bystander.
Joker, Ras, Riddler, Bane, Luthor, Waller, Max Lord, the entire Court of Owls, The Colony, Poison Ivy, Raptor, Spyral, Deathstroke, Owlman (Court of Owls), Trickster, Ventriloquist, Psycho Pirate, Gotham, Gotham Girl, Talia, Shiva, two lackeys in the last issue of Outsiders, the variants from Metal, Hush. After Jason revealed himself, Penguin has enough information. Luthor discovered it after Dick was unmasked in Forever Evil, so ANYONE with Google. (I don’t know if Dick’s Spyral trick at the end of Grayson reversed it all but I would think the info is still out there). Every villain in King’s run has the necessary information or has near conversations. I think the villainess in B&E Eternal knew and said it front of anyone who would listen.
I know that I know more but I am completely blank now that I started writing.
To me, the lack of mystery hurts the character.
Who did I miss?
Who was I wrong about?

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It doesn’t really matter, especially considering that the best Batman stories are about Batman, not so much Bruce Wayne. Plus, it’s fiction, pretend nobody knows, and nobody knows. Headcanons are wonderful.

Out of billions.

The very idea that Bruce Wayne is Batman is ludicrous. Why would a millionaire playboy dress up as a Bat and fight crime. You should think before you come up with these crazy accusations.