who knew Ben Affleck played Superman

Back in 2006 Affleck played George Reeves/Superman in the movie Hollywoodland. So far Ben has played Superman, Daredevil and Batman, that must be some kind of record.



I saw it in the movie theater.

When George Revees died, there were questions whether it was a suicide or not.

George was a successful actor. He was in Gone with the wind

He felt typecast as Superman. He couldn’t get other roles

Often there were many months where he didn’t know if the show would continue, so there was great economic stress on him.

The movie has very little Superman, and if u remember correctly not much Ben Afflick.

George or his girlfriend may have associated with mob types. He may have been killed as a result.

That is what the movie is concerned about.

It is a noire crime film, not a biography.

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Well worth watching. Brutally honest study of the aging of an action TV star.

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Adrien Brody, Diane Lane, Ben Affleck, and Bob Hoskins comprised an excellent cast in a good movie. But like the book it’s based on (Hollywood Kryptonite), you the viewer must come to your own conclusion on whether or not George Reeves was murdered or committed suicide. A fine period-piece flick that all Superman fans should check out.


Before Batman vs. Superman, I use to think that everyone who made this movie hated Superman, and Superman was a villain to George Reeves. I think Ben Affleck did ok playing him. Since Affleck later play Batman who trys to kill Superman makes me wonder, does he really hate Superman that much? I think Hollywoodland really hurt the DC Universe movie a bit in my opinion. It makes me sick to hear Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne say in Justice League that Superman is a Beacon of hope when you have him in Hollywoodland, hating him and in Batman vs. Superman, trys to kill him! Again that’s my opinion of him.

I did. I saw Hollywoodland opening weekend and bought the DVD that I no longer own when it came out.

Good flick.


I enjoyed this movie back in the day more for the overacting of Adrien Brody.

Chris Evans at last count has played 4 different comic characters. Jensen in the losers, Johnny storm in fantastic four, Captain America, and one of the evil ex’s in Scott pilgrim


I have a True Crime obsession so I loved this movie. It’s a really good Noir-ish whodonit. Probably Adrian Brody’s best performance next to Predators lol


Chris Evans’ count is actually at 5. He was also in Snowpiercer.

If you count voice actors Mark Hamill reigns supreme: Joker, Trickster, Hobgoblin, Gargoyle, Swamp Thing…and that’s just off the top of my head.


Great movie about a crime that never will be solved.

For fans of CW’s Supernatural the actor who plays Bobby Singer is a George Reeves’ biographer and consulted on Hollywoodland!

I don’t know what happened to Reeves that night but I do think the people at the house were lying about something.