Who Killed Krypton?: A Roundup of Possible Planetary Perpetrators By Alex JaffeTuesday, December 7th, 2021

I couldn’t find the story and it might be making connections between Marvel comics characters and DC comics characters and events. However there was a scene in one of the Marvel comics Rocket and Groot stories that the two might have a hand in the destruction of one of the versions of Krypton and in that scene Kryptonite exploded before Superman’s biological parents were even able to launch baby Superman to safety. I thought that should be mentioned. Plus the explanations with the circle (intergalactic illumaniti) and Despair of the Endless and sun God Rao could potentially largely contribute to the entire living members of the Luther family to long term to eventually/gradually genuinely benovently become friends with Superman, Kent family, Supergirl, Justice League, and Green Lantern corp because the revelation of those two explanations would ultimately mean that not only were the entire Smallville tv show Traveler prophecy and episode storyline was most likely one massive intergalactic conspiracy but also potentially Superman, Supergirl and many other exterresterial life form individuals of various species/races were more of fellow victims rather than being part of the problem as the Luther family initially believed. And so now the Luther family would finally know who to truly focus their thorough ruthless avenging grievances against besides DC comics Dark Knight:Metal Perpetua.