who is your flash


Wally West is my favorite forever. I think it is because while I was growing up he was the flash so I had more issues with him being in the story. It is simple as that. Same with Green Lantern, Kyle is my GL for the same reason.

Yeah, I think a lot of these “Who is your favorite ____?” come down to who was in that role when you started reading comics. For me, I started reading in the early ‘80s (Pre-Crisis, Bronze Age) and back issue bins were full of stuff from the ‘70s, so Barry Allen was/is my Flash. That doesn’t take away Wally’s legacy in the role in the Post-Crisis era though.

Wally West for me. I first was introduced to the Flash through the 1990 TV series with john Wesley ship as Barry. But I didn’t really start reading the comic at that time yet. (I think the only comic i did buy was the TV Special that DC put out toward the end of the series. Later the following year i bought the Flash Annual which was part of the Armageddon 2001 Crossover. By this time I was branching out from being exclusively a Batman and Star Trek fan to being an all around DC guy. I then got into reading Flash during the Original Gorilla Warfare which was a Green lantern/Flash crossover that featured them and Rex the Wonder Dog against Gorilla Grodd and Hector Hammond. I stayed with Flash for the next few issues through a Two part fight with a new version of Doctor alchemy and a Christmas adventure that featured Jay Garrick on the cover. (I was already a Golden Age/WWII nut due to my interest in old-time radio, the recent film, memphis Bell and other Wartime based Adventure movies.) At the end of the christmas adventure we seemingly saw the Return of Barry Allen and the next five issues would tell that story in such a way that it solidified Wally’s place as THE FLASH! And it did it while still honoring Barry’s time as the scarlet speedster. From that time on i was a full-time Flash fan I bought all current issues that came out. i collected all of the back issues of Wally’s run I started collecting Barry’s run, (first the trial, then the Archives and finally I’ve been working on everything between. and of course, when Justice League/JLU came out I watched that, and young Justice etc…)

Barry Allen. He is one of the best, good natured and pure heroes in the DC Universe. He knows he has to trust himself and try and do the right thing.

Barry and Bart

Barry and Wally, equal preference.

Barry was the Flash when I first started reading comics in the 1970s, but I actually prefer the pre-Flashpoint Wally West version. I really enjoyed his character growth as a legacy character who comes into his own. And I loved his supporting cast, particularly Linda, Piper, and Jessie Quick. Didn’t really form an attachment to Wally’s kids, though.


Barry. He seems to have more of a “elder” vibe who Wally falls behind.