Who is your favorite writer/artist? and what character or series would you like to see them do?

Ok so who is your favorite writer in the comic books world, who is still actively writing? And what character or comic series would you like to see them take on?

Favorite active writer: Geoff Johns/Scott Snyder

Artist: Greg Capullo/Jason Fabok

Ok I would like to see first off anyone else but Tom King on Batman like Wow he is killing that series like I don’t even buy it anymore. And I’ll say it takes a lot for me not to buy Batman. Ok rant over.

Ok I would like to see Geoff Johns and Greg Capullo tackle a Green Arrow series. With no writer right nor or artist really set for the future of the Emerald Archer throw the best you got and watch it grow. I love this idea and Green Arrow is yes one of my top three fav’s.

Ok for my Scott Snyder/Jason Fabok fandom I would love to see them jump on Hawkman. One again yes Hawkman is one of my top three fav’s. But his story is so amazing and I feel with this new past life theme and the whole adventure, discovery, and action phase. No one would be better than Snyder and I just happen to think Fabok’s artist abilities are phneomal so why not?

Well let me know what you think of my pairings and let me hear yours. Let’s discuss who the best writers/artists and see whatcha got.

            Brett Wayne.

Dexter Soy is my favorite comic artist. I like him paired with Red Hood and other Gotham based characters. He did well well with Scott Lobdell as writer, but I wish someone better than Lobdell could take on the Rhato title as writer.

And I like Tom King a lot on Mister Miracle a whole lot right now with Mitch Gerads as artist. But I don’t read the Batman title religiously so I can’t speak on him there. I think I’m in the minority when I say I liked the first issue of Heroes in Crisis