Who is your favorite Lantern and why? (Any color of the corps.)

Who is your favorite Lantern? Why are they your favorite? It doesn’t matter which Corps.

Saint Walker, but I wish he had a green ring! lol!

Hal Jordan

Guy Gardner or when he’s not a green lantern John Stewart

John Stewart is my top GL. He’s the only Green Lantern in the Corps who can give Hal Jordan a time-out. A natural born leader who is not given to knee-jerk reactions. That quality makes him quite unique in the pantheon of 21st Century superheroes. If John ever got transported to that 616 Universe, he’d be in charge of everything inside of a week.

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For the longest time, I was a ride or die Hal Jordan fan, but recently I’ve been a pretty big fan of Jessica Cruz. Sam Humphries writes her really well.

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Always been an Arisia fan, but I do loves me some Hal, Guy and John too!

Red Lantern Kara Zor-El. That was a fun ride, also the best version of Guy Gardner.

John Stewart is a great GL. Love how precise his constructs are and he’s a great leader.

That being said, I also really love Batman with a yellow ring.

Kyle Rayner is the greatest Lantern of them all. His OG costume is awesome and separates himself from the Lanterns that came before him. Plus his artistic roots allows him to make some of the most creative constructs ever which is what I want to see my Lanterns have. Did I mention that he is the White Lantern!!! He has control of the whole emotional spectrum. Kyle Rayner will always be my favorite Lantern. Just talking about him makes me want to start reading some comics about him.