Who Is Your Favorite DCAU Villain/Villains Over the Years

My question is who are your favorite villains that have appeared in the DCAU shows and movies over the years? :banehappyhqtas:


I’m fond of Alan Rachins as the Clock King.


I really like the Clayface in the animated series.


Harvey Dent or Poison Ivy.

I’d have to flip a coin.


Good one

I like Mr. Freeze in both BTAS and The Batman. When I first saw Arnold as Mr. FREEZE, I thought he was cool too. :slight_smile:

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So many good that it’s impossible to choose. I’m making it easy for myself and saying Galatea.

My favorite is Two-Face. I felt that BTAS did a great job of showing the villains struggle and it’s my favorite version of the character as well.

Doomsday,Ares, Lobo

Deathstroke, definitely. Actor Michael Ansari who voiced Mr. Freeze was the iconic standard of cool. Then I would say Blight from Batman Beyond. Thoughts?

The clock king

Lex Luthor and The Joker

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Two face

Clayface is great in DCAU

If we are just talking animated series: Granny Goodness (Ed Asner was awesome.) Darkseid, and Felix Faust.

If we are including the DC Animated films: Vandal Savage, followed by Darkseid.

Clancy Brown as Lex Luthor. Best iteration of the character in any medium.

Two face & Lex Luthor

Lobo, Luthor, and obviously the Joker!

Always liked the Riddler on the original Batman TAS. The way he was portrayed just always stuck with me. Smart, smug…you couldn’t wait for Batman and Robin to beat him at his own mind games