who is you least faverite super hero

Who is it

Don’t really have one but maybe Power Girl. Just can’t take her serious as her look is so over the top most of the time. I see her as a pornstar who somehow got superman’s powers and she tries to be a hero now but uses a costume she got from one of her film’s wardrobe

She’s much better in rebirth though as her new costume appropriate and not too bad


Batman…and there is not enough time to explain it all


All the Marvel heroes

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That’s stupid and gives some fans a bad name

I’d say Shining Knight… Never was into the character, even when he was on Justice League Unlimited.

I have a very love-hate thing for Batman. I love the Bat Family and him, in contained stories, but I can’t stand how he’s shoved into EVERYTHING. I get it, he’s one of the most well known heroes, it’s just too much for me. Same goes for Deadpool and before that, Wolverine. Their over-exposure really kills the characters for me. Especially since it’s usually multiple writers taking on the same character in a bunch of different titles, so the character starts to feel like an empty shell.

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Such a bore.