:00_wonder_woman_stars: Who is Wonder Woman? :00_wonder_woman_stars:

Infinite Crisis is over, but what has become of Wonder Woman in its aftermath? Find out in the tale below that stars Diana and a plethora of other heroes and villains from throughout the DC Universe, @JusticeLeagueBookClub!

Have you read “Who is Wonder Woman?” before, or is it new to you?

Either way, you’re in for a thrilling adventure as only Allan Heinberg, the writer of the 2017 Wonder Woman movie and the show runner for The Sandman TV series, can provide!

Enjoy, League! :0_wonder_woman: :justice_league_book_club:

SN: Paging @CassTheStreet and @Green.Lantern, I hope you enjoy. :slight_smile:


Ah, I remember this one~ I had such a confusing time with this short run due to the existence of that annual which wraps up the story not being something I knew about.

It was a rather short lived period, but I appreciated how much Wonder Womans rogues gallery was pulled into this. The obvious choices like Circe, Cheetah, and Giganta, though with the latter two shedding weaknesses they had previously.

But also working in Heracles who can’t catch a break ever since Byrne dragged him out of the ‘reformed villain’ booth where Perez left him, and left him as a villain for the rest of post crisis.

But also worked in a surprisingly alive Queen Clea, Duke of Deception, Gundra the Valkyrie, Osira the alien wearing a god disguise, Kung the animal shifting martial artist, Angle-man (the man who knows every angle~), Minister Blizzard, Doctor Cyber, Doctor Poison, Doctor Psycho, the Helen Alexandros Silver Swan, and The Mask of all villIains.

AND on top of that, having a whole B plot about Donna stepping up to take the mantle of Wonder Woman with Cassie as her sidekick. This part kinda annoyed me since we never got a chance to see this dynamic explored beyond a few pages and id be curious to have seen how Donna would have differed from Diana in the role and how Donna and Cassie teaming up together would have worked had this been given more chance to breath.

The A plot of Circe gathering all of these villains and trying to make a grab for the mantle of Wonder Woman and retiring Diana made for a fascinating and interesting story.

If I had to voice a single complaint about it, its that it was a little overfull and as rare as it is for me to say this, I feel it could have done with some decompressing. Giving us maybe a full issue of Donna and Cassie as dynamic replacements for Diana before the clever trap. Build up Heracles bit a little more before his backstabbing. And turn that big epic fight of all the villains into two or maybe three issues, so that the rogues gallery of Wonder Woman has a chance to breath and so many of them are given more than one panel of villainy.


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I do too, and in the best way.

I vividly remember buying Wonder Woman #1 the day it came out in 2006, and upon reading it in my car after I left the comic shop a short time later, I loved it.

It really reignited my love for Wonder Woman, which was always strong, but was also a franchise that had unintentionally fallen to the wayside of my reading, prior to Infinite Crisis and the lead-up to it.

As each issue of Who is Wonder Woman came out, it further fueled my born-again (cough New 52 Wonder Woman reference cough) WW fandom, and I was skimming the Wonder Woman v2 back issue bin at my then-comic store for all manner of older WW reads that grabbed my four eyes, such as the Jimenez and Rucka runs, among assorted issues of Perez’s run.

Agreed. I absolutely loved how all three of them were portrayed in this story. To this day, their portrayals in WIWW are among my all-time favorite modern iterations of the trio.

Agreed, once more. This is the story that took Circe from a villain that I liked and made her into one of my favorite DC villains, regardless of franchise.

Interesting point. Maybe Heinberg could come back and do an out of continuity two or three issue mini that does just that?

Who cares if its years later? Its not like this story was unaccustomed to delays, after all. :wink:

Thanks for chiming in, @nuuninuunani! :hugs:

@bromepeter424.24110 You make excellent points, all-around. Wonder Woman is fantastic in every imaginable way.

Have you read the story highlighted in the OP? If not, its definitely worth your time.


I read this in the Walmart comics! It was reasonably nice, though it sadly doesn’t stick in my mind that much compared to my favorite runs (particularly the Rucka run) (or even my least favorite run, the Azzarello run, which sticks in my mind from sheer frustration).


Ah, the Walmart Giants. I miss them, I do.

Original or Rebirth?

That’s one of my favorite runs, because of the wild and different adventures Azzarello took Diana and crew on.


Both Rucka runs are my favorites!

I know the Azzarello run is beloved by many, but it just does too many things that make me upset for me to enjoy it. The art is really good, though.


I love both, but if I were to pick a favorite, I’d go with his '00s run. I mean, that was the introduction of Ferdinand, yo!

The art is :kissing: :pinched_fingers:t2: and then some. Chiang’s run on Wonder Woman cemented me as a fan of his for life. I’m definitely enjoying Catwoman: Lonely City as it comes to DCUI.


I would also pick the 00s run having an edge in my heart. The ending is so beautiful.


Great Hera, I need to re-read it then.

As good as my memory usually is, I have no immediate recollection of how Rucka 1.0 ended.


Uh, i’ll spoiler tag it in case you want to just read to find out for yourself.

After Batman/Maxwell Lords Brother Eye satellite sends the OMAC army to murder the Amazons, killing large scores of them.
The island is sent to another dimension
Diana is declared a criminal wanted by the United States
The embassy closes down and everyone who worked there are out of a job and go their separate ways, most never to be seen again.
And some of Wonder Womans fans gathered outside of the embassy with copies of her book to declare they still believed in her as she flies away a fugitive.


She endures! :slight_smile:


Yes! :00_wonder_woman_stars:

This was a good run. Loved Dodson’s art especially.


Oh yeah, now I remember (and thank you for the summary) .

The end of Wonder Woman v2 came when Superman v2, The Adventures of Superman, Batgirl, Aquaman and other titles were ending, so it unfortunately tends to get lost in that shuffle of series that concluded toward or at the end of Infinite Crisis.

And…“The Dude abides.”

Agreed on both points.

For whatever reason, WIWW doesn’t get the love it should as far as modern WW tales of note go. Along with The Odyssey, its definitely one of my favorite modern WW stories, and then some.

As for the Dodsons, have you seen their variant for the newly-released World’s Finest #6?

Its in front of me as I write, and I can’t stop looking at it (which is bad, because I should be working :wink:). The Dodsons always hit a home run. I’d love to see them do interiors again (be it on a Wonder Woman title or something else), at some point.


That’s just, like, your opinion, man.


Has The Stranger read Who is Wonder Woman?

Yeah, he has! :cowboy_hat_face:


One of the greatest side characters in comic history, if you ask me. Not overly familiar with the runs of writers, but I know many of the stories. Was it New 52? Because that’s my absolute least favorite run of Wonder Woman, including when she lost her powers…


And, to answer the question at hand, Wonder Woman is the greatest character ever and is so often ignored. I will never understand why WB/DC doesn’t do more with her. No McFarlane Super Powers figure (even though they have Batman who Laughs already) and not 1 animated series.


Also, no one has mentioned the action figures based on this run. They are some of my favorite figures ever, but that’s partly because we actually got an Agent Diana Prince figure, maybe the first ever apart from the dolls…


I actually still have the Donna Troy as Wonder Woman from that very line! Love that line.