Who Is This?



… I don’t get it?

Is this a guess? Or are you saying that the fact that it’s not Bones “goes without saying”?

If a guess, no, the current open character is not Stella Maxwell (nor Amnon Silverstein nor Valerie Kameya nor a tiny sliver of Kimiyo Hoshi)…

Year-wise, the image you shared is about two decades off from mystery character’s hey day. Origin-wise, he pre-dates Shadow Cabinet by five years, with his last appearance the same year they debuted. (Give or take a hallucination.)

Clues thus far...

New clues

Because we can’t leave this unsolved when the site goes read-only!

  • The blonde guy’s name is Tony. This fact is likely unhelpful, as he is not, in any way, a well known Tony, and most “appearances” wikis will not include him, despite the fact that he and his fellow henchman, Knuckles, successfully orchestrated a jailbreak.
  • The guy that put the handprint on his head breaks out of prison again, after our mystery character’s last appearance, still intent on exacting his revenge.
  • The guy that put the handprint on his head is used by a certain vigilante to teach a more rookie vigilante why he shouldn’t be a vigilante.
  • This is also our mystery fella.

After selling a bit of my soul to a friend, he offhandedly informed me that this is Mortimer Kadaver a very obscure Batman villain. He knew because he seen him in a YouTube video recently.