Who is the true leader of the Justice League - Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman?

Personally, I don’t think the Justice League has a singular leader. But, if they did had one, who would it be?

Note: This isn’t asking about the current mainstream Justice League - they might have a proclaimed leader, I don’t know - this is just a general question of who you think the leader would be.


Snapper Carr


Usually, it’s someone else: Barry Allen, J’onn J’onzz, or Arthur Curry. I guess Superman was the leader under Morrison and Johns.


Out of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman, I would personally choose Superman as the JL’s leader.

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Black lightning…hahaha so dumb

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It varies. Superman led them in the 90’s before he died, Wonder Woman soon after, then Superman again during Morrison’s run on JLA.

Black Canary led the team in the post-Infinite Crisis Justice League of America series, while Batman attempted to lead the League in the infancy of The New 52.

Generally speaking, I think Wonder Woman or Superman are best to lead the team. The good thing about Black Canary leading them was that she can usually handle the workload on a constant basis and not have to be called away for major matters of import (be they elsewhere on Earth or offworld) like Superman and Wonder Woman sometimes are.

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Of the trinity, it’s WW. She has leadership, compassion and will make the hard decisions. If you are the Justice League,!you want your leader to be leading you into battle. WW does that better than Bats or Supes.

Although, Black Canary would be a good choice.

Personally, I always wanted JLA/JLU Hawkgirl to have her chance as JL leader.

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I think it honestly depends on the situation. Each member of the trio brings something important to the table when in a leadership position.

Superman as the idealist is very well suited for situations where keeping a level head and not escalating to violence would lead to the best outcome, particularly when the Justice League is a public organization. His ability to connect with citizens is definitely a plus.

Batman is the ideal leader in scenarios where they have to coordinate a lot of different people and the name of the game is secrecy. He understands people, the way they work, how they think, and how to put each member of the team to use in the most effective way possible.

Wonder Woman, I think, has an amazing ability to lead. She understands and communicates better than Batman does, though I don’t think I’d say she’s necessarily more empathetic. Her skill and position as a diplomat really shouldn’t be underplayed in this regard. If there’s a war brewing, she can shut it down with words. If that doesn’t work, she will pick up arms. She’s happy to search for peacef ul solutions, but is also willing to go to lengths that Superman usually isn’t, which makes her ideal when a peaceful resolution just isn’t possible.


Very well said Zatanna. I was crafting a response that is very much along those lines, but not as well articulated as yours :joy:

I would like to add that, while there is usually a de facto leader for the Justice League…when it comes to those three in particular their leadership lies within the example they set, their rich history and gravitas they bring to the league, whether they’re in command or not. Superman is the moral center, with his dedication to always do good, even with all that power (sometimes in spite of it).

Wonder Woman to me is heart & soul, with all that passion she carries in everything she does. Expert warrior, skilled diplomat, yes…but it’s the fire she brings to it all that sets her apart for me.

Batman is the strategist, so dedicated to the mission, he is usually 10 steps ahead of you and always prepared for almost any scenario.

Of course they all have their weaknesses and have been shown to not be infallible. But to me, without those three, the Justice League is just not the same. Even if they are not in command, they are always leaders…and therein lies their value.

I personally feel like J’onn J’onzz has always been the glue that kept the Justice League together (New 52 excepted). If anyone’s the True Center of the team, it’s him.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again it’s definitely not Batman it comes down to Martian manhunter or WW to be leader

Martian Manhunter is the heart but I wouldn’t call him the leader. I think JL has more of a roundtable vibe.

I just don’t think it should ever be Bruce. I think the dynamic works best when he’s a reluctant part-timer who’s more focused on Gotham.

For me it’s Superman but would also like to see WW be the primary more frequently.

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Martian Manhunter makes a great leader/mediator too.


I think the Trinity are the co-leaders of the league.

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I always saw them as more of a council than a hierarchy. It was never obvious to me that there was a singular presiding authority with the Justice League like I felt with Captain America and the Avengers.

Like most have said, there may be times when one takes the lead for a specific scenario or story, but it’s never as blatant as “Hey leader, what do you say we do?”


Honestly Wonder Woman.

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As seen in The Brave and The Bold #28, Flash was the first chairperson of the Justice League of America, so he gets a vote from me.


Personally I always felt Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman shared the leadership.
Superman being the strongest member of the team, Wonder Woman being the oldest and most battle tested given her training as a Amazonian warrior and Batman, despite his lack of powers being one of the smartest members on the team and always having a plan as a master strategist.


As we have seen in Tower of Babel/JL Doom, Batman Inc, and even season 3 of YJ. Batman ultimately doesn’t trust. So as a true leader, the JL can’t trust him. As a strategist and tactician, in the field, ok I buy that as a leader, no freakin way ever.