Who is the true Black Canary of the Arrowverse?

I think overall the Arrow has not done a great job handling the legacy of Black Canary. I think it stems from the decision to have Oliver cheat on Laurel with Sara and it just when downhill from there. That being said I believe Sara is the closest we ever got and probably are ever going to get to the real Black Canary on the CW.


Sara, agreed.

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No words needed


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Sara. I hate Laurel.



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Probably Dinah

Dinah Laurel Lance had the heart of Black Canary. She was trying to help the world all her life. She’s the daughter of Larry Lance and Dinah Drake 1. She had the trademark Dinah Lance stubborn attitude. She took no s#!t from Oliver. She was the first on screen with a Canary Cry. I feel she best fit the role of Black Canary.

Sara has the feats and leads a team, but she’s really not like the Dinah I’ve read outside of her fighting prowess. Sara was also never a Black Canary, just Canary and White Canary.

Dinah Drake doesn’t really even share anything with Dinah Drake from the comics. I like her, but she doesn’t feel like THE Black Canary. She feels like just another one, especially after they showed that flash forward.

Black Siren isn’t a Canary, but has the potential to be a good one. We’ll have to wait and see what they’re even planning with her. I’m not sure what’s even going on with this character.

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@TX85 True. The Arrowverse doesn’t respect the Black Canary character or the mantle. They prefer their original characters.


I lost track.