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Hi all and welcome back to The Bat Fam. (AKA @RenegadeRobinsClub)

The Bat Family has a lot pf interesting characters that are part of it. For the next few months I thought it might be fun to read up on both versions of The Huntress especially given how much the Helena Wayne version is involved in the current run of the JSA.

We will be starting things off with Helena Wayne, who is the daughter of the Bruce Wayne and Selena Kyle of Earth Two so lets get going!

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This is a great thread!


I loved the origin of the Huntress just as much as I did when I read it way back when it was first published. The backup stories were enjoyable, although it would be nice to see Helena operate on her own without Power Girl.


I actually wanted to do the Huntress story that starts in Batman Family # 18 but the conclusion to it is in #20 which is not available currently. I have a copy of Huntress: Dark Knight Daughter and so I have access to the issue but I don’t know if anyone else did.


Glad to see the Coke Classic version of Huntress getting attention!

(I don’t want to hate on the Crossbow Killer, but I prefer the older one.)


I did gain more of an appreciation for Helena B. recently in reading some of her stories for Characters of DC several months back. I had a lot of anger over Helena W. being scrubbed from existence with COIE (still do to some degree) so I never gave Helena B a fair shot. I always thought of her as an upstart that stole the mantle and wondered why they couldn’t have found another name to use for her.

Alas we live in a two Huntress world now. :stuck_out_tongue:

That being said I still prefer the “Classic Coke” version as well.


I’ve tried reading some of the early post-Crisis Huntress stuff. I can’t help but thinking, “This is who they’re giving us to fill the Babs gap?” She’s just no fun.

It’s also interesting to note that the classic Huntress was the basis of the character’s early TV appearances. That’s no surprise in the 1970s, but it was a curious choice for the Birds of Prey TV show, which otherwise draws heavily from comics that postdate COIE.