who is the deadliest robin

My opinion the deadliest robins are in order

  1. Dick Grayson
    2.Jayson Todd
    3.Damion Wayne
    4.Tim Drake

Damian and Jason in my opinion but since Damian has changed i’m gonna say Jason

Robin/ Damian Wayne. He Chopped a shrub. A SHRUB!!!

gotta sayJason Todd (dude cant follow Bruce with the no kill) then Damian Wayne (only because he is following his father in the no kill) Dick then Tim

Deadliest is very different from the most skilled or best overall. Deadliest goes to Jason Todd. Pretty sure he’s got the highest kill count, since the others don’t kill (currently).

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Obviuously Brenton Thwaites.

Damian and Jason

I would say Tim. He’s has the technical skill and training to be nearly Bruce level dangerous.

I think Tim going bad is a nightmare scenario.

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