Who is the Best Superman Villain?

I’ve done a lot of Batman themed polls recently, so I’m going to change it up with some Superman ones! The best Superman villain in my opinion is lex Luthor. It was a tough choice, but he’s just so damn interesting. Who’s your favorite?

Who is the best Superman villain?

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  1. Bizzaro
  2. Zod
  3. Parasite
  4. The Cyborg
  5. Brainiac
  6. Toyman
  7. Metallo.
    Dead last- Livewire

Lex is really hit or miss. I find him to be a better Justice League villain than a Superman villain.


I love Toyman, but if I didn’t choose Lex Luthor, I’d be lying.


Oh man that was hard! I voted based off who I find the most interesting in a fight with Supes however I’m always up for the craziness of Mxy!


Very hard choice.
Although I think Lex has it in the bag, I had to go with Doomsday, simply because the Death of Superman impact had on the entire world.

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Lex is the best because he’s the arch nemesis, but they’re all great (I picked Toyman because he’s gonna get over shadowed and deserves at least one vote).

I like Superman’s rogues the best out of any heroes.


I give that title to the ninja turtles. Hard to beat the likes of Nano, the Garbage Man, that red mind control guy, the Triceraton Prime Minister, and the Foot Elite with the nice hats.


Lex Luthor (Alexander Joseph)