Who Is the Best Superman TAS Villain?

Superman The Animated Series was a really great show that was kid of underrated due to it living in the shadow of Batman The Animated Series. And it sure had a lot of villains, so which one was your favorite. Mine was definitely livewire. Overall lex is my favorite Superman villain, but this series gave us livewire like Batman TAS gave us Harley.

Who is the best Superman TAS villain?

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Clancy Brown’s Lex for the win! (It was tough though.)


Oooh good poll! I went with Bizzaro because I feel he doesn’t get enough love.


There are WAY more great villains than I remember. And while Lex, Toyman, Lobo, and Livewire are all fantastic, two words: Gilbert. Gottfried.


Love this poll idea! I was a fan of the series ever since it first air. Metallo has to be my favorite along with Parasite, Toyman, Bizarro and Mr. Mxyzptlk.:grinning:

Fun Fact: Livewire first appearance was actually in Superman Adventures, before she appear on TV!


Impossible to choose one, they were all so great. The portrayals of Lex, Darkseid, and Brainiac were iconic. Livewire was a great new villain. Toyman was taken seriously and shown how scary he can be. Metallo was given depth, which to me he never had before.

Ultimately I went with the Parasite. They revamped his look and made Rudy Jones into a character that I actually enjoyed seeing. Never cared for the Parasite before this, but this show made him into an A level threat.


Wow, this was a tough poll to make a choice for who I would pick… :flushed: :sweat_smile:

Any day I could easily pick most from this list to be the one at the top of the list…

Although… Having Brainiac control Lex to do his bidding in Ghost In The Machine (alongside his other appearances throughout the series) is what made my choice today. :computer: :superman_hv_4:


Had to go with Lex because Clancy Brown brought him to life so we’ll.