Who Is Stronger Trigon or Darkseid

After watching justice league dark Apokolips war I just gushing has been raising and that discussion is this darkseid got completely pummeled by Superman and powered by Trigon then dark Side fights Trigon but doesn’t get completely pummeled but it looks like he’s not going to win but also not going to lose.

My question is this who would you say is stronger because after looking into Trigon and watching a few videos on him it seems like he’s normally compared to beings like the presence or beyond everything in hell so where is darkseid on this list


Drop proof to your side like mention the book that it came from or show the panel

Darkseid’s power is mainly reputation. He can’t really be killed, and he can take pretty much anyone in a fight one on one, and he has armies at his command, and is a master of psychological warfare. He’s never really had to fight against a force like Trigon in the comic continuity one on one. The two are really incomparable; they’re different kinds of power.

That said: because Darkseid can’t be killed, and because his Omega Beams can banish their target where he pleases, I think Darkseid wins.


I can see that I was recently watching a YouTuber named webcamparrot where he talks about how trigone is equal if not stronger than the presents the source is nothing but something that the prisons created and the presence isn’t the strongest god in DC and he brings up how Trigon with basically manhandle darkside on his darkside what to do a crap ton of prep

Hasn’t Darkseid been killed a few times?


Yes but I believe Trigon had died before 2

Can Darkseid beat the Spectre? I assume Trigon can. Knowing the results of these meetings might give us a better idea of who would win. @HubCityQuestion

Superman almost killed him in Superman the animated series in Legacy Part 2. :slightly_smiling_face:

yeah but in that whole Superman series darkseid was supposed to win take him over and use him to attack Earth and after doing so was supposed to lead to a whole bunch of other crap and also yes I would say he could while the Spectre has killed dark side at one time darkseid he returned in that same fight and he’s also beaten and suppress in eclipso who is supposed to be the specters equal

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Darkseid, Trigon has been killed before, meanwhile darkseid hasn’t.

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Darkseid died before but he’s always come back either immediately or just later on because it didn’t matter to him

If it’s an avatar of Darkseid then Trigon is far more powerful. If it’s an emanation of Darkseid (basically nearly every version of Darkseid in the multiverse, dark multiverse, and little bit beyond) I’d say Trigon is more powerful on average but there are at least a few emanations that could rival him if not possibly surpass him. As for the true Darkseid, Trigon is virtually nothing compared to Darkseid and is so insignificant that he might as well not even exist from Darkseid’s perspective.

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I’m with @HubCityQuestion with the Omega Beams! Could fry him or give him the “omega sanction” like he did with Batman… being said any lesser form of TRUE DARKSEID I’d give it to Trigon!


Darkseid Is


True Darkseid should be just about the most powerful thing as what we normally see is only an aspect or avatar. Trigon should be one of the greatest threats in DC but I think Nekron poses a threat to any and everything.

Trigon is stronger.

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Why do you think that Trigon is stronger?

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I don’t think either is stronger, they should’ve been equals. I think the point of Justice League Dark Apokolips War was that based on Darkseid staying one step ahead by monitoring through Cyborg, this led to a series of fateful events that only could be changed by another flashpoint.
Darkseid destroyed and conquered countless planets, and outlived the other Gods of New Genesis. His power and abilities can be matched but not overcome. I think they just needed to end the movie at some point and used Trigon for that. Trigon was imprisoned in a Jewel and worn on Raven’s head for so many years, and couldn’t escape. Then he gets out and becomes stronger than Darkseid? If that’s the case then the combined magics of Raven and Constantine should have been stronger than both Darkseid and Trigon in my opinion :slight_smile:

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The animated movies take some liberties. In the comics, Trigon and Darkseid are about equal.

Trigon in the comics is always mentioned in the magical aspects of being absolute power and evil

While Darkseid is typically a Superman villain known for being power absolute.

Here’s something you have to know about both characters. Trigon is weaker on Earth. He’s a ruler of Hell and his power is so strong that he’s still ranked as being on the same level as the Spectre. (The Spectre is a being powered by what would be considered the Christian God in the comics. Aka the Presence.) His weakness happens to be his daughter Raven. They’re sort of connected.

Darkseid always fights with avatars that are all about as strong as Superman at his peak. Yet they’re literally nothing to his to actual power. He’s so strong that merely stepping into the universe with his true form would destroy it completely. Which isn’t what he wants. He also wields the Anti-Life equation which give rise to his Omega beams. The Anti-Life equation is something that was formed by the birth of the Anti-Matter universe and enabled the Anti-Monitor to do stuff like destroy a multivers by absorbing its energy. Along with his armies etc.

They have different kinds of power. So its hard to say who would win outright. But in truth I would say Trigon. Him being mentioned on the same tier of power as the Spectre, someone who knows the power of the Presence and yet has absolutely no fear of him, Someone who will put the Stranger in his place?

Like, Darkseid is a strong New God. But he’s no Presence or Stranger. Nor do I believe he could beat the Spectre.

New Gods beat Old Gods I think.