Who is reading American Carnage?

I’m really enjoying this book!

There’s nothing quite like watching a group of racists get what’s coming to them and the way this book is going it’s looking like it’s going to get real bloody on the way there.

I just wish I knew some people who were reading it as well…


Great series. I’m really enjoying it so far.


What’s your favourite part so far…

That last page of Issue #3 left me imagining myself cheering for the Brotherhood in a real aweful way while they destroy the Klan.

The entire third issue is pretty intense. Like the whole issue I’m just like, “damn are they really doing this?”

And the art is pretty fantastic.

Between being busy at work and a major snow storm I’m behind two issues. The first one was really good though!

I’ve been looking forward to it every week. Richard’s very captivating, and has such a unique point of view. One of my favorite moments was during his job interview where he talks about constantly playing a part in order to survive a racist, repressive society.

I appreciate the look at a dude who looks white and has a black parent.

People do or do not behave or speak in certain ways based entirely on what color the person they’re talking to is without knowing anything at all about who that person is.

Can you imagine being half black and having all these white people saying all these racist things expecting you to think it’s funny because you have white skin?