Who is Miranda in Doom Patrol?

Ok. So last Season we had one or two discussions on Jane. This year I would like to discuss two big things:

  1. Jane using Drugs. This season we see Jane use drugs to try to forget and feel numb it seems but also has the effect of tranquilizing everyone in the Underground either knocking them out entirely or in a drug haze but also stripping the others of their Powers and leaving the others to drugged to fight for control.
  2. And the Big Question. Who is Miranda exactly? What makes her special? She says she knows what the kid and/or everyone wants? What does that mean? Does she have power? It seems like Doctor H but Doctor H seems to state it more…not really doing the stating to be all that agressive in the sense she comes out of the torture and like I’ll blackmail you…she seems interesting in the least. In the comic I skimmed it seems she is somehow the only one that remembers everything in the sense that when she is out and she seems to insist she is real not knowing the others… Discuss. :black_heart::heart:

The thing of Jane doing drugs makes me think of when I used to do drugs and alcohol. Alcohol helped me to relax and be more social and like most drugs combined with Dissociative Identity I guess somehow it would be easier to help me forget certain chunks if I wanted to. Pot was different for me…it for the most part helped me not care and it helped make the PTSD stuff less intrusive. I don’t do that stuff anymore I found a better way and without medications to help keep some sort or balance and order. I just found it an interesting point and at a time it was like that for me. And like Jane’s other parts…mine would always be mad and trying so hard to be like girl…you need to stop. I felt so bad for all of them.

Why is the Miranda actress in the latest episode a completely different person?

Unless my memories incorrect but we didn’t see Miranda’s real appearance inside of Janes head in Season 1. I remember Cliff saw a memory of Jane in school when Miranda came out. I think we only heard about her and the well but didn’t see her real self.

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Correct @NanoDeVice

What do you mean? Flashback one seems the same. How she is viewed i the Underground still seems the same. @Aylex

I do not know her from the comics but I have been suspecting she has been slowly killing them. I think she wants to get rid of all the parts, maybe even go so far as to kill Kay, therefore only leaving herself.