"who is Leviathan" theories!

We are probably getting close to the big reveal, so before we get the answer to the riddle…

Who is Leviathan?


My vote:

Ted Kord

I think the former blue beetle, finally got his act together. Used EVERYTHING at his disposal (including Booster’s time travel tech). By this point, i think a bunch of heroes stand with him.

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I’ll be honest: I thought it was Silencer, until this most recent issue. Now? I think it’s Sam Lane, Lois’s father.

I’d bet money it’s Roy Harper.

Whoever Leviathan is I’m starting to suspect that there is a copycat Leviathan who took out the DEO.

At first I thought that the mass murder at the DEO was just a communication miss between Bendis and Andreyko, but he is sticking to that story it seems.

The attack on the DEO doesn’t match Leviathan’s modus operandi. Neither does their assault on Kara.

It feels like either someone with a grudge against the DEO caused that carnage under the guise of Leviathan or they did it themselves to go underground when Leviathan began taking out organizations.

The DEO hasn’t cared too much for Kara and is known for questionable methods. Maybe they are able to act freely right now and heaping it all on Leviathan.

Of course it is still fully possible that Andreyko and Bendis are just running two very different interpretations of Leviathan.

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Oliver Queen. The intelligence community blew up his house a few months ago. Temporal tech allows him to seem to be in more than one place at a time.

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Mark shaw

I just got caught up with this and four issues in I…don’t really have a solid guess yet.

One thing’s definite: The speculation in this thread is fun to read. Every time a solid sounding guess comes up, it makes me want to re-read the series so far with that character in mind.

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Bendis gave a major hint in one of his recent interviews, saying there’s a clue in the Kamandi chapter of Legion of Superheroes Millennium. Screen Rant seem to have it figured out by that clue. Check it out if you’re into spoilers :slightly_smiling_face:.

If you’ll allow me a moment to assume my alter-ego of “Detective Thunder”…
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The real question is: what IS Leviathan’s ultimate plan? They (as in the organization) have destroyed all of the DCU’s major spy organizations, so what are they going to replace them WITH, and how does that benefit them?

Answer: Leviathan (the organization) is the Global Peace Agency.
Or, at least, their origins.

  1. They use advanced, possibly alien, technology
  2. They’re taking out all the spy organizations (but not the governments!) and doing so in a manner that leaves no bodies and little destruction, suggesting their agenda is radical but bloodless and not involving a takeover of the world (or, if it is a takeover, it will be a “ruling from the shadows”-type)
  3. Final Crisis established Electric City as a dimensional plan the GPA uses to store dangerous weaponry. Leviathan is (supposedly) using teleportation to take out the other organizations, but Superman can’t locate where they’ve been moved to, suggesting they’re not on Earth anymore (or using a LOT of lead…)
  4. They believe the heroes will actually go along with whatever it is they’re planning. This, plus the lack of bodies and attacks on the government itself, suggest Leviathan’s goals may be altruistic (if, again, radical). A global organization dedicate to creating and maintaining peace by using the tech of Leviathan plus the tech and resources culled from the fallen agencies? Yeah, that would probably work in getting some heroes on your side.
  5. Leviathan’s foot soldiers all wear helmets modeled after the ones worn by Roman Centurions, right down to the feather-hair thing (no idea what it’s called) on top. In shadowy outlines, like the ones seen on the cover to Issue 6, they look almost…OMAC-like.
  6. The GPA obscures and hides their faces. Leviathan employs similar tactics.
  7. Leviathan has a bunker in the Kamandi future, as witnessed in Millennium #1. Traditionally, Kamandi survives the Great Disaster as a child by being placed into a bunker used by the GPA.
  8. Speaking of Millennium, Bendis is trying to unite all of DC’s disparate futures into a single whole. Omac (the original) is one of the characters set to appear, and he’s already shown us the present-day origins of the United Planets in his Superman run.

So, if Leviathan the organization is the Global Peace Agency, then who is their leader?

  1. Amanda Waller referred to him as a con artist
  2. His mask is designed to inspire confidence and leadership
  3. He is vastly knowledgeable about the other heroes, including how to use their own relationships against each other. He’s a manipulator.
  4. Leviathan knows a great deal about these spy organizations and how they work.
  5. The GPA were the original creators of Brother Eye.
  6. Leviathan the person has been shown to be eloquent, personal, calm…and on occasion, snarky (“Bluffy Bluffer.” “Oh wow. This is a coup against me?”
  7. Maxwell Lord was once place under the control of a villainous A.I. named Kilg%re. Kilg%re wanted Lord to create a world peacekeeping organization as part of its own evil plans.

Maxwell Lord is Leviathan (the person)


Whoever it ends up being, one things for sure: I wanna be shocked, surprised and amazed all at once. The same way I felt when it was revealed that Jor-El was Mister Oz. What a comic reading moment that was for me.

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Fantastic replies! I also have given serious thought to Max Lord too.

After much thought, I now believe that Leviathan could be Garth from the Titans, Rose Wilson, or Rick Flagg.

Or maybe Jarro