Who is in need of Kotobukiya DC Bishoujo Statues?

I’ve been collecting anything comics since the age of seven but unfortunately I’m becoming overwhelmed with my Statue collection. So sadly I am selling all my Bishoujo statues based on the DC female villains and heroes. The above tags are just some that I have readily available.Anyone in the New York area interested?


I’m not in NY, but if you sold some on eBay, I would buy them! How much were you thinking? What characters?

Omg I’ve wanted a bishoujo statue forever. I just went online last night & spent all I could afford on figures. Doesn’t help either of us, but I had to vent. I’ll check back next time I’m going to buy & see if you still have any left.

Just got an Ikemon Nightwing.

Not in the new york area but I’d pay shipping too for that catwoman one