Who is Funding the Justice League Now?

I just realized, batman/Bruce Wayne contributes most of the funds for justice league operations, and batman’s wallet has become quite light after the joker war. so who is going to pay to rebuild Metropolis after Superman’s recklessness in a fight with some superpowered titan of might or wonder woman destroys a few buildings after Dr. psyco calls her a word beginning with C. Who is going to pay restock the vending machines in the watchtower and hall of justice after the flash gets the munchies?

How will the League Operate now that batman is living as Catwoman’s kept man? Because do I not think Wonder Woman and Hypolita merchandise will cover the expenses of rebuilding after the next big destructive battle and superman does is so naive he only gets 1 present of his merchindiseing rights.


Maybe Jimmy Olsen since he’s rich now? He’s got half of Lex Luthor’s money…

Probably Sandman. He already pays for the JSA, so he can pay for 2 teams.

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I think this could definitely be an interesting thing to explore. I mean, what will the League do without all the funds they had? What challenges will come up? That said, this is definitely not the first time they’ve worked without all the special equipment they have. The Justice League’s real strength comes from their incredible teamwork, powers, intellect, and compassion. None of these things have been taken away from them.

Heck, I mean the Future State JL doesn’t have all that stuff and they’ve been doing pretty well thus far. I think the OGs will be able to handle it no problem.

I was more thinking of the fact that a lot of the leagues battles tend to cause massive property damage and figure the league’s backer normally takes care of the costs, similar to the Batman Disaster Fund from Batman White Knight, along with helping care for any displaced civilians until the damage is repaired. Honestly, the special equipment helps with planetary defenses from invasions from aliens, when the league cant replace the warning grid after the next Zamuria invasion (I made that up) and cant replace the satellites, the world would not feel as safe as it once did…enter the Magistrate and Lucias fox.

Most of that is probably covered with taxes. In a world with superheroes, villains, etc. There would definitely be a government fund for any destruction.

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logical, however supervillains have only been around publicly for around around 9 years (new earth timeline) if you take tim drakes age of being 8 when he saw the flying Grayson’s fall and 17 when flashpoint occurred. and if the attacks were having repairs covered by a privet fund, the government may not have had a tax to pay for it set up.

If we’re viewing this as a real world scenario, then they would definitely be able to set up a fund if necessary. The government certainly generates enough money in order to fund a project of this nature if they needed to. It’s something we see after natural disasters all the time (although the real world is not nearly as efficient or compassionate to these issues as I feel they’d be in the comics).

I like to assume that Superman and Wonder Woman are flying rich people up into orbit in special little tour capsules during their town time.
I would like to know a little more about the economics of these things. It would be a nightmare to figure out. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been reading through post-Crisis Superman and it seems like in every issue there’s some kind of construction work going on. At one point Superman tossed Kryptonite Man into a skyscraper and thought to himself that the building was scheduled to be torn down the next day anyway. :stuck_out_tongue: I like that apparently he keeps up on Metropolis demolition schedules, presumably for that reason.


I may be overthinking this a bit, but i view it as bruce providing a lot of the funds for rebuilding with the government just providing a small amount of fund, and now with bruce broke, the government is going to be raising taxes.

That is kind of funny to think about. “Joker stole all of Bruce Wayne’s money, so everyone’s taxes are going up 50%.”.


makes you wonder just what Bruce’s taxes were like before he got robbed…the guy had a lot of zeros and its not clear which was the Wayne foundation and which was his actual account.

The fact that Wayne Enterprises could fund Batman, the Justice League, and still turn a profit was pretty impressive.

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Couldn’t Green Arrow help out a bit with the bills? Queen Industries is nothing to sneeze at.

Black Canary spent all his money on fish net stockings. He is now “Pauper Arrow.”

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Look, they rip within ten seconds of wearing them, I understand.

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No, 5 seconds.

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