Who Is Excited for DC Gotham Knights Game?

so im wathcing DC Fandome and the best thing besides WW 1984 was Gotham Knights. im a huge fan the the Arkham Games i own them all on xbox 360 Xbox one X and PC. even though they say this is pre alpha this game looks solid and honestly im super hype and im gonna preorder when it comes out. what do you think of the footage so far.


I’m confused if this is supposed to be a sequel to Arkham Knight?


I’m honestly really not.

I honestly hate to say it, because I LOVED the entire Arkham franchise so much, but it looks like they just threw out everything that made it great.

No countering, meaning that combat looks like it’ll just be pushing square repeatedly, and maybe x sometimes.
From what we saw, a lack of diversity in enemy types, so no shield users, stun baton users, no large enemies that require stun combo takedowns.
No stun attack.
Boss fight against Mr. Freeze has him… swinging his gun at you(??). They took the best and most unique boss fight from B:AC and made it into a generic damage sponge battle with a predictable attack pattern. Is this the caliber of boss fights we’ll see? If so, that sucks. If not, why didn’t they showcase something more dynamic?
No detective mode (meaning probably reduced stealth elements).
No Kevin Conroy or Roger Craig Smith as Batman.
No continuity with the Arkham games.
Really, the only thing it has going for it is Red Hood and Nightwing.

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It’s not in the same universe. Barbara is not Oracle (so the event of her being paralyzed did not happen), Gordon is dead, and Robin is either a REALLY young Tim Drake or Damien Wayne, who was never introduced or referenced in the Arkham series (and his existence would be slightly complicated by the fact that Ra’s and Talia are both dead).

We also saw Red Robin, but I think that was just a skin for Robin, rather than an actual new character.


i understand whefre youre coming from. this is pre alpha build so maybe alot will change maybe none will change maybe with enough feedback. i saw a spot where batgirls eyes were like how batman eyes was in detective mode. so its possible itll been there. this demo didnt show much in terms of the whole aspect of the game.

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So excited! Getting to play as the Batfam is definitely overdue, and getting to see new takes on all of them should be really interesting. I was definitely confused at first as the opening made it look like it takes place after Arkham Knight, but it’s clear now that this is a completely separate continuity, which I’m totally fine with. Not that I wouldn’t also be excited for more games in the Arkhamverse, but I thought Knight wrapped up Batman’s story very nicely there, so a game that doesn’t actually focus on him is fine by me. Plus the gameplay does still look kinda similar to the Arkham-style combat from what little we’ve seen but w/ some obvious changes. For now, I’m just gonna focus on the positives and not dwell/speculate on any potential negatives


Yes, but I was confused because:
-Gordon could have died between the final events of Arkham Knight and the initial events of Gotham Knight
-The titles alone are similar
-Talia could have had a kid before she was killed. Damien is 10 or so? He could have been raised by someone else and then introduced by someone else. Also, there are secret societies in this game, so I wouldn’t be surprised if The League of Shadows came back (and Talia Al Ghul as a result).
-Jason Todd was barely referenced (if referenced at all) prior to Arkham Knight and he was the main villain of Arkham Knight.
-I thought the batcave exploded at the end of Arkham Knight and that that was referenced in the trailer? Batman wanted to give people the impression that he was dead, which is what he said in the trailer.
-Wasn’t there some kind of Code Black message at the end of Arkham Knight?
-I’m the post-storyline Arkham Knight DLC, Jason Todd became the Red Hood (vigilante anti-hero)
-WB Games Montreal made Arkham Origins

Eh, it could be. I guess it all comes down to whether the trailer referred to Gordon as Commissioner or Mayor.

I’m pumped. As soon as a saw Robin though I had to stop and think which one it is. He looks like the Injustice 2 Damian Wayne but people here are saying Tim Drake.

the trailer didnt specify but they did add that line where batman says the GCPD wouldnt help them due to what happen to Gorden so im guessing commissioner. but alot of this seems to be a continuation. its possible Barbara could have fix her spine like in the comics she did have that surgery in south Africa.

eh. I’m just saying it seems like a stretch to say they’re in the same continuity, but I guess if is just a redesigned Tim and Barbara got her spine fixed offscreen, it could be in the same continuity. I’m mentally preparing myself for a new continuity, and I’ll be pleasantly surprised if that’s wrong.

CO-Op seems pretty cool since alot of multiplayer aspect are online base. its good for games to go back to that pre internet bases of co op multiplayer.


Yeah, I agree that the coop looks cool and seems like a fun idea.

This seems like an obvious spinoff of the Arkham-verse games. I like the idea of multiple playable characters to use during the storyline. I bet they find a way to include Batwoman as a DLC character because people want to play with her. If you’re going to use the bat family you want to have all of the characters people want to play with, so it wouldn’t surprise me if she gets included.

it wouldnt surprise me if Batwoman and Batwing become DLC characters,


i come from the NES SNES GENESIS era so co op was a big part of my life. and as fun as online multiplayer is i do miss the days where we use to do lan parties and co op parties.


What was everyones reaction to the new game? I can’t wait to play as Nightwing and Jason.


Extremely hyped for it. After finally playing Spider-Man, and loving it, I couldn’t wait to dive back into the DC Universe games. Do you think it’s an open-world game or more along the lines of the Marvel Avenges game where it’s set areas with some exploration? Co-op will also be awesome for sure, I think I’m going to find it hard not to pay full price outright.


Short answer: I want it in my hands right now. It looks so good and the graphics are just to die for! I’m so excited!


So excited for CoOp mode