Who is excited about the amount of new comic books that are about to be released on the app


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Is there a list of what’s coming?

Here’s a helpful list of what’s coming:

  1. E
  2. V
  3. E
  4. R
  5. Y
  6. T
  7. H
  8. I
  9. N
  10. G

And the award for best response structure goes to @HubCityQuestion.


I am so pumped I cannot wait to read full stories and I love me the bat family!

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@HCQ Hahaha
You guys’ excitement and hype is so contagious.
I can barely contain myself over here!


Who wouldn’t be excited. I mean if anyone says “pshhh… 20,000 comics… whatever” then what are they doing here? :wink:

Seriously, I am psyched. I had a feeling they were going to announce the comic section was expanding but I did not expect that. Awesome news for sure.


This checks off every digital book I’d been meaning to buy for a while.

Money saved. Mmm hmm. Nope. That money will just go towards other DC things now.

Thank you DC Universe =)


Its pretty much going to be what’s on Comixology which means everything from Flashpoint to a year ago and expanding every week.

The big unanswered question is will it include the collections or only the single issues since there are a bunch of older series that are only available as digital trades and are unlikely to be redigitized as single issues anytime soon. Also whether we will get access to stuff like Killing Joke, Joker or the Earth Two series that are original trades.

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@pedrosuitman.53901, I am completely overjoyed by this news! I can hardly contain my excitement, but now I have to change around my schedule to make sure I am maximizing my comic reading time. :wink:

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@Vroom I also was excited that my wallet might not be so light anymore when I left my favorite comic shop, until I realized I’d be spending more on other DC items (I’m looking at you, Sho Murase Batgirl) <3


@TheDemonEtrigan, while I can’t tell you exactly what is going to be added in April (since it will be a surprise to all), I can say that it will be amazing and ongoing!


Starting this Tuesday?

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All they will say is “sometime in April.”

If they mean what I meant when I told a professor I had a late paper due for that it would be in before the semester was over, it really could be midnight the last day of April.

Which is ok with me, plenty to read here in the meantime.

Maybe they are concerned our phones, computers and tablets won’t be able to handle the weight of all these digitized comics!!!


I am totally totally excited about the big comic drop. It will be a great thing to read through when I’m not doing my taxes!

@Pretty.Poison.Bombshell, are you able to tell us when in April? Is it something we should expect on the 2nd? Or will we be still eagerly waiting as the 30th approaches?

must be near the date of the master QA. I would say a week after it?

I am overjoyed with the addition of new comics. There are some of my favorites that are not on here yet. As a reader of comics for almost fifty years, I am looking forward to seeing more of the older comics on here.

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@Nathan.Payson I agree that it would seem it won’t be until at least the Master Q&A if not before. My guess is we will continue to get the same size updated we got before on Tuesday’s until then then the rest will be put on after the Q&A. Although they might just divide it over 4 updates each Tuesday too.

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@dan I wrote an investigative report where I predicted the week of April 18th. You can read why