Who here would go see a JLA vs Avengers movie?

I loved the four part mini crossover comic that was done 15 years ago. If the two studios could come together for their fans for this one time event it would be spectacular.

Just the budget to make the movie alone would be staggering. LOL!!


Generally speaking, yes. It would really depend on the trailers, if it looks bad I will rent.
I imagine you would have to get the general audience familiar with the concept of a multiverse and all the major players first.

Tbh jla would crush Avengers


i absolutely would. How great would it be to see Superman solo the whole Avnegers team :))


Heck yea​:hugs::100:


If we limit both teams to seven/eight each (or to those heroes most movie goers are familiar with already) then it could happen. Just need a great script/director to make it reality. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think either studio would want to have a movie where one team completely defeated the other (I agree that JL would beat the Avengers). But what if they did Avengers vs. the evil opposite of the JL, the Crime Syndicate? I would root for the Crime Syndicate!


I agree. Avengers would be no match for the JLA


I’m too die hard DC to watch anything Marvel. However, if I heard second hand that the JLA wiped the floor with the Avengers it would probably become my favorite movie.

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Imagine Wonder Women and Hal Gordan just crushing the whole avengers team.


like dc and JLA over Avengers never Hulk would beat half the JLA by himself then throw in Thor and Iron Man game over

I knew this thread would be mega shit and so lopsided

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Such bias, unfairness and disrespect. BOTH teams and company characters have pros & cons.

I bet most of you haven’t even ever read the cross over comics.

Extreme levels of fanboyism pisses me off. It’s possible to enjoy multiple comic companies and heroes than just one company to be #1

I overall slightly enjoy DC the most but damn. You must all get butt hurt whenever an MCU film is released and successful.

I’ll be there opening day for Aquaman just like I will for Avengers 4 next year

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No thanks

:thinking: only if Micheal Keaton is Batman,Nick Cage is Superman and Ryan Reynolds is Green lantern​:grin::+1:

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EEEEK!!! What a lineup!! Keaton is not so bad as Bats. Ryan as GL was a mess. And Cage…needs to stay as Ghost Rider.

yea this thread is terrible, i love marvel and dc a lot and the dc hardcore fanboys here annoy me a lot and i am a hardcore fanboy, just like i am for marvel… I guess to have this app u just gotta hate both that’s why i never or very rarely bring up marvel cuz this app is to share in the love of a universe not tear another 1 down, also you guys must not be thinking there’s no marvel fans in here, lol i know i’m not the only one you can like 1 more for me i think marvel does better live action movies and shows and dc does better animated movies and shows and dc games r a little better (but it’s close) and dc graphic novels r better while marvels crossover events r better and dc has better villains while marvel has heroes. for me it’s tied but i LOVE both all i’m saying is stop hating and appreciate we have two great universes

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That would be great

Imo EVERYONE would see this movie. The question is, how would the plot be written so that it serves fans of both franchises.

Use the story from the 1996 mini series. There are others cross over stories but this one is the most memorable one from me.

Epic fights with no clear loss or victory and each character shines.

I love both companies but wouldn’t really want a movie except maybe animated. I would much rather DC and Marvel partner up for a cross over fighting game.

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