Who here wants to see Sideways in a team book?

Since his comic is getting canceled would you like to see him in a team book that isn’t teen titans or young justice but a whole new team book of not well known or just brand new teen heroes?

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Who here wants to see Sideways killed off… permanently?!

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I take it not a fan of the character.

Besides the fact that he’s part of The New Age of Blatant Marvel Rip-Off Heroes (the poor mans Spider-Man), he’s just boring and uninspiring. Also he’s DiDio’s lil’ pride and joy. Dan wants all this dark, depressing, and often murderous tones/outcomes for the mainline DC heroes. But his precious Sideways gets a pass on all that (this mightve changed, I only read the first couple issues). Also let me stress that, for the most part, I don’t have a problem with the big 2 ripping off each other. It’s usually awesome to see how a company’s character('s) would work in the competitors universe. But if you’re going to make your own Spider-Man make him epic and compelling. Having said all that if Sideways has amassed a ton fans such as yourself then yeah the character deserves to be regularly planted somewhere in the DCU.

Oh, Sideways was not spared from Didios dark and depressing story telling. Mother died and father wants nothing to do with him at this point last I read of his comic.

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I’d like that too bad I wouldn’t have enough funds to add it to my pull list :pensive:

A brand new team is a-okay by me. I just think the more solid option in the foreseeable future is Teen Titans.

Young Justice or a new Seven Soldiers title are viable options too.

@JohnOnyx115 I’m a fan. I think they should give him an animated series. I think putting him in a team book would be too predictable, especially if it’s a teen group.

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@KingXcel he hasn’t been around that long to have an animated series but then again it could be a great way to reach a broader audience

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I still haven’t gotten around to reading his series yet( it’s on my to read list). How old is the character portrayed as? Maybe he’d be a good fit with the Titans, he could help fill the void left by Dick Grayson

Yes Sideway should be in Teen Titans or the new Young Justice comic.

I would love to see Sideways continued. I don’t really care how. He reminds me of a young Peter Parker type hero. The Sideways series has been one of my favorites to read since its beginning.


Sideways is awesome! So underrated!