Who here has a parent who works in the movie business (for Warner brothers, cw, dc etc.)

My dad works for the cw. That’s how I got this program for free for a year. You know, since cw and dc are connected.


Harley Quinn Smith.


Cool what do they do?

Host of DC Daily

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Her parents make movies.


That’s cool. Ya, my dad is a creative producer in the cw

Thanks for rubbing it in our faces!!

Nah jk lol. That’s cool. I’m probably going to renew

Lol! Ya after this year is up I’m definitely renewing. I love this app!

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What does your dad do for the CW? Is he involved with the DC shows?

Unfortunately he isnt involved with the DC shows,( although he has met grant gustin and the legends cast before at his office). He does voice over directing and web development.


Voiceover directing? Any crossover with their Vixen, Constantine and The Ray miniseries?

Ya, but he does less of it now since they mostly moved that department to a different building. But no, he mostly worked on commercials, but he has worked with the voice over actors for batman in the batman animated series and the guy who was the narrator for curious George, etc.
But he mostly does web development now.

Also love the icon change to the question, it makes so much sense given your name.

Thanks — this was my original icon, but I changed it to support Batman’s Vigilantes for the Meta Madhouse this month. I’m back to Q now that the voters have abandoned my girl Cassandra.

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Oh, lol.

I don’t, but those blue, fishy guys on Aqua Teen Hunger Force…one of them has a dad that “totally owns a dealership!”.

It’s true.

Lol! Cool, I guess