Who else would love to see DC do a animated movie of Identity Crisis?

I think that this would be a great storyline to adapt maybe like they did with Dark Knight Returns in two parts so they don’t have to cut too much of the plot. Your thoughts?


If they were to adapt Identity Crisis, they would need to make some severe changes to the plot. How did the killer know Robin’s identity, for starters?? How did they know Lois Lane was Superman’s girlfriend?? The culprit was not satisfying at all, not to mention the gross rape backstory they gave Sue Dibney. Also Jack Drake was completely out of character. His positive portrayal as a good, supportive dad is inconsistent with literally all of his other appearances. However, the core of identity crisis- the heroes mindwiping villains, and having it backfire on them- is a good idea. I think if the culprit were changed to someone who realized the heroes had been tampering with their mind and then started retaliating on the friends and family of the heroes who were involved in the wipe, it would be a much stronger story instead of the half-baked ‘it was FOR LOVE’ motive they tried to sell us.

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Yeah I’d dig an animated adaption