Who else wants to see a new season of YJ

Who wants to see a new season of Young Justice? Also who would you add on the show or roster of the team? Also, if you would give one character a spin-off show who would it be? I honestly would love to see a Superboy show.

Respect the S @Kon-El


I got some good news for you! They announced that there will be a season 4 of YJ during SDCC last year.

I think Hawk and Dove would work. Tempest (Garth) would be great (not the cameo we got)!

Tempest and Supergirl would be tied for my first choice. I need an Aqualad that isn’t monotone all the time.

As for spin-offs, I don’t know how much of them we’ll get in the next season, but I would LOVE to see them do a Legion of Superheroes spin-off.