Who else wants Smallville?

I know it’s on Hulu right now so we would have to wait until that deal expires before we could ever get it but who else wants it? I think it would be great to have on the service and it would really bolster the live action aspect of the app because 10 seasons of more recent TV would be wonderful for the service

Here’s a thought, Disney wants to buy Warner’s 10% stake in Hulu, so why not sell it but stipulate that DCU and Hulu both get to stream Smallville, oh and throw in the rights to Batman 66 while they’re at it.


That’s genius

I have the box set if DC universe wants to borrow it

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After the existing deal ends, I say (to quote Spacey’s Luthor) “Bring it on!”

BrightKnight’s idea has merit aswell.

@BrightKnight That is the kind of thing that can happen