Who Else Wants Black Lightning To Crossover With The Arrowverse???

After they dropped the names of Supergirl & Vixen, I thought it was only time. I hope it happens sooner than later.



I feel two ways about this. I would like to see the world of Black Lightning meeting up with the Arrowverse. I also like what Black Lightning is doing on its own. I do like the self contained nature of the show. Supergirl being on a different Earth to the other Arowverse shows, but still crossing over is a little awkward.


nu52 I think the supergirl route is the best way. Let them crossover and still stay separated.


Not me. What I really want is for the whole CWverse to be cancelled and start again somewhere else.

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Yaa. That will be awesome.


I want them to make a big budget movie with all the characters from all the shows when their run comes to an end.


The showrunners are not into doing it, but I’d love it…especially because it would bring more eyes to a show that is one of DC-TV’s best.


The cwtv universe should be one universe and not multiverse for Supergirl and Black Lightning and Batwoman for that matter. Don’t confuse casual viewers.

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Maybe down the line. I don’t think it has to.

I think after it develops on its own for awhile, a crossover would be pretty cool!

@TheKingCF - Agreed.

I think it should be kept separate. For a show on superheroes, it seems very grounded in the real world. I don’t think it would fit in with the other shows and I like that it has its own corner and feel.

No. I don’t like Black Lightning.

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I’m very conflicted about this. I tend to not be able to watch everything week-to-week. Life, you know? I love most of the Arrowverse shows for the most part, and I think Black Lightning is absolutely amazing!

That said, if I miss a week of TV, I feel like I have to watch four different shows to make sure I haven’t missed something that gets referenced in a different show (Flash, Legends, Arrow, not as much Supergirl for the reasons mentioned above).

With all of that going on, it’s actually a lot easier for me to jump back into Black Lightning when I get a little behind because I can just focus on that.

From a purely fan perspective, though? I’d love to see the characters get to meet each other and team up, or face off or dance. As I said, conflicted!

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If it does happen eventually (and it will) I think putting Black Lightning on Earth 38 with Superman would make the most sense


I think it would be great

There are a bunchhh of pros to Black Lightning being on his own island right now. But there’s just something so exciting about seeing storyline cross over!

I think he needs another season on his own. Then they can hit us with the cross over!

… Maybe for the session finale of season 2! :smiley:

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Ollie and Jefferson in the same room? That would be good TV.

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I’m hoping for an Elseworlds surprise

It comics anything is possible.