Who else though Batman hush was disappointing

who else though that the Batman hush movie was a bit disappointing compared to the comic. The ending was totally changed and I thought that it ruined the comic a bit. I was really excited to see hush adapted and then it was kinda a totally different story.


Never read the comic, but I was a bit disappointed with the movie.

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No disappointment here. But that might be because I don’t look at Hush (the comic) with quite the high level of esteem many of my fellow fans do. Thus, my expectations were properly pre-modulated.

You see, for my tastes, Jeph Loeb had already written a much better 12 (13) issue-long mystery that starred a huge chunk of Batman’s rogues gallery. It was called The Long Halloween. I’ve always felt that Hush was Jeph trying to repeat that success, but bigger and with crazier twists.

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I wouldn’t say I was disappointed, but I did think it missed out by not using that final pay off. The round a bout way that Bruce randomly tapped for Thomas Elliot was so perfect in the comic

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I prefer the ending to the movie than the comic, to be honest. I thought the “reveal” in the comic was underwhelming. Here, while it’s different, it’s got more motivation behind it.

Tommy always felt like a red herring.


I think the way they ended it with the movie works better in terms of climax and makes more sense with the time allotted. If this was a two-part movie like DKR and Death/Reign, they could have put more time in Bruce’s relationship with Tommy and make him work as the villain.

Plus, while it’s been a minute since I read the book, I remember the actual reveal and confrontation to be rather anticlimactic. The final sequence in the movie with Bruce and Selina fighting Hush was far more memorable.


The comic coasted on allusions to much better stories. The movie didn’t quite fix all of the problems with the source material, but boy, did it ever improve the ending.

I quite liked it personally. It’s the best of the continuity films by a long shot, at least for me. Changing the identity of Hush also allowed the film to maintain one of the most important elements from the book - a mystery. I prefer the Tommy Elliot identity but I was more invested in the film because I knew it was someone else.

The action was also fantastic. Wasn’t in love with the Catwoman voice actress, but she worked for most of the film. Hope Batman keeps this suit for these films going forward. It’s a huge improvement over the previous suit. Swap the blue for black and I’d be over the moon.

This film did something I’ve felt other have been lacking. It was enjoyable to watch.

I really haven’t cared for the Animated movies since Under the Red Hood & Escape From Arkham. I’ve just felt bored and hand fed with the animated movies we’ve been getting. It also took me the longest time to come around to the animation style too. I remember when Son of Batman came out it looked like a bad anime to me.

Hush not being Tommy can go both ways, the people who felt his villain reveal in the comic was bad, is as equal too us suppose to care that he died after he and Bruce have barely been friends.

I like the whole idea of Hush, he and Scarecrow are my favorite villains. If anything I’m just tired of the Lazarus Pit being so involved. I wish Riddler was just Riddler but maybe smarter and stronger with the pit. Like if he drove himself insane with becoming the best and then becoming Hush.

Basically, overall I thought the whole movie was beautiful through and through. I just wanted to see Hush be more involved instead of just at the end.

Anybody who enjoyed the film, I really call into question your taste. They butchered the story. Turned Tommy into a nobody, forced a twist that was revealed via exposition that had zero build-up to it. The argument that everyone knew the twist is lazy storytelling to me. Batman Under The Red Hood we know the entire time who is under the mask, and it still executes well. If you think the entire story of Hush is solely built around the twist, then you don’t understand the story. Not to mention the dialogue was flat, the animation was sub-par and they had to go to lengths to make this story fit into their created universe.


I hope on the I didn’t care for the animated version. Too much cursing, sorry I don’t need my superheroes cursing. Selina character was giving such a big role that felt like a big promo to the upcoming Batman Catwoman comic series. It felt forced to me. I love a Bat/Cat story but this didn’t do it. My biggest grip is that they made Batman a hypocrite at the end. Didn’t he beat the pulp out of the Joker? I didn’t mind the sandwiching it into the current DCAU or DCU changes but that ending didn’t make sense to me at all. But then again, I don’t care for King’s gangsta wannbe Riddler either.

I could always rely on DC putting out great animated content. What happened? Seriously DC you are losing me as a fan.

I was severely disappointed. What made the comic was exploration of Batman’s relationships with his allies and his partners. Sure Tim and Jason weren’t there(Jason being absent eliminated a great arc in the original Hush) but Dick was, and so was Superman. Batman’s equation with Nightwing and Superman was not explored at all. Moreover, at the end of Hush, Batman doubted if Catwoman was ever involved because she utters the word “Hush”. Movie adaptation seemed to completely ignore this. I felt that the dialogue was poor and the relationships were not given any attention and/or care. Oh and Nightwing gets short-changed again lol


Overall, a big disppointment. The best example, and worst scene for me was the Catwoman/Nightwing graveyard scene.
They turn Nightwing into bumbling, stumbling, idiot who gets easily surprised and dominated by the villain. Almost as if they wanted to make Catwoman take center stage and to be the bad ass in this scenario. And which they could have easily done without making another character look weaker than they are supposed to be. The only thing worse than being that creatively stupid is being that stupid and having NO IMAGINATION at how to accomplish their goal while keeping the integrity of their characters intact. Or maybe they are not stupid at all, and they just simply and secretly hate the character. Or even worse…maybe their WOKE.
This Hush animated movie is no where in the same ball park as “Under the Red Hood”…or even “Batman Bad Blood”. Although the Batman vs Nightwing fight at the end of “Batman Bad Blood” is Bull Crap…even if it is Batman. These idiots are able to make Damian take on Deathstroke & even Batman in prior movies, but when it’s Nightwing…oh that’s different. In “Batman Bad Blood”, Nightwing gets in one good blow that makes Batman pause, wipe his chin, and then proceed to own Nightwing with 7 consecutive moves ending with Batman dislocating NW’s shoulder. That is ridiculous. Firstly, NW should not need his escrima sticks to be able to go toe to toe with Bruce. And it’s not a question of Bruce coming out on top, it’s just the Bull Crap/Batman Fanboy way that it was done.

My advice to these idiots for keeping the integrity of BM & NW while fighting is to have NW as one of the few Non super powered humans who can keep up with Bruce in a fight. But even so, there needs to be a slight flashes of NW being in over his head. One day DG will be able to surpass Bruce in a fight. And if there smart, they will show that progression over time, and yet still leave it ambiguous as to whether NW is one day simply better than Bruce ever was, or if it was just simply age that allowed NW to surpass Bruce. *And if they write DG true to his character, he would be the LAST PERSON ON EARTH TO WANT TO ADMIT to ever being better (whether he is or whether because Bruce got old) than his mentor. But knowing some of these story writers, they are either too much of a BM Fanboy to make the story realistic (as much as a comic book story can be) or they simply don’t know how to add story layers to their characters. Bottom line for me, is I don’t expect story telling perfection. Even great story tellers have missteps. But what’s worse here, is that I have gotten the impression that some of these writers deep down aren’t fans of certain characters and they secretly take digs at these characters that they either don’t like. or they are apathetic to. Almost as if they think that by making these characters look inferior that The Powers That Be would allow them to focus more on the characters they prefer. And if DC wants far less comic book sales, and far less DC Universe subscribers than they are potentially capable of getting, then by all means DC should proceed on this course…because if less sales is their goal, then they are heading in the right direction.

*On a quick side note: A sample of what I’m talking about with DG NOT wanting to admit that he can possibly ever be better than Bruce is perfectly displayed in the beginning scenes of the live movie version of “Speed Racer”. While the movie as whole was crap, there were early scenes with a young Speed Racer idolizing and watching his big brother race that were near perfection as far as emotional character development goes. The most powerful moment of these scenes was when Speed (knowing that the only person he’s truly racing is the Ghost of his Brother Rex) is about to break his Brother’s Track Record. At that moment we realize the deep connection that Speed has to his older brother Rex, and it’s bloody brilliant. Now replace Speed for DG, Rex for Bruce, the racing for combatant fighting and you have a perfect metaphor for the skills and the emotional depths of the Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson relationship. They didn’t make Speed significantly inferior just because they were fan boys of Rex…or vice versa for that matter. Both characters were respected and kept intact with regards to the original source material.

Lastly, Apologies for ranting, and for posting this in multiple HUSH threads, but I want these DC morons to take note, and to at least try to keep the integrity decent for all of these characters whether it’s NW or any other character.


Also would like to apologize for going slightly off HUSH topic, though it does relate to what I’m talking about in the Hush Catwoman/Nightwing graveyard scene. That is making one character act totally out of character to make another character shine in their presence, or by making them act out of character in order to become a necessary plot device for the sake of their story,

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I liked it a lot.

I liked it okay, but agree with what a lot of you have said. I haven’t read the comic but knew who Hush was supposed to be so I was a little puzzled by that. I really don’t understand their reasoning. I agree with @Titans21 that Nightwing is almost always disrespected!

The books themselves were just ok on the whole. Grand art obviously, but the villain Hush is just ok.