Who else isn't a fan of the Ric Grayson idea

Honestly i have always enjoyed nightwing but ever since the he lost his memory the whole idea of the ric grayson is kinda annoying but some people might like the storyline


Jcw - I feel ya. It is not the best idea and/or story to me either. I have a feeling that this team of Nightwings will be around for a while, too. I do not believe DC knows what to do with Nightwing and Bludhaven in general.


You’re preaching to the choir and from what I’ve seen on here and the very few Instagram post people who like the Ric storyline are in the minority. Personally I refuse to buy any Rebirth Nightwing comics/trades.


They had a writer (Percy) excited about the book and working on a longterm story. I’m not sure why the amnesia arc was pushed instead of whatever was planned (seemed like vertigo based on cover art/early description?).

I’ve seen some guesses that they wanted to keep Nightwing out of Heroes in Crisis, but plenty of other books seem to be ignoring it or unaffected by it. I’ve seen guesses that they wanted a name change (Dick to Ric), but the ongoing arc(s) seems to be too convoluted and dragging on too long just for that. Also, it seems like half the Batfamily doesn’t even know that something happened to him, which is weird.

Silver lining… maybe when Grayson goes back to being Nightwing, he’ll get his blue finger striped costume back! It is conspicuously absent from the ‘Nightwings’ hahaha! Hrm…


I agree with bizzarosplace about DC not knowing what to do with Nightwing. This “Ric” Grayson nonsense is just the latest in a long line of mis-steps DC has made with the character over the years.

To be honest with you guys I feel that writers have told much more interesting stories with the character when he’s not actually been “Nightwing” and that writers seem to have far more trouble doing so when he is “Nightwing”. Even Seeley, who I still feel has been the best writer for the character because of his work on GRAYSON, still had an extremely inconsistent run with NIGHTWING.


I liked the idea in theory. In recent years a character trait that has been used with Dick is his ability to move past trauma, and I think this could be used to examine that, how much of that is him being healthy, how much is that him running from his demons?

I even kind of dig the idea of a “Team Nightwing” as a consequence as it explores how much his leadership skills are innate in who he is.

In execution… it’s been kinda bland.


I originally thought that the Ric Grayson was a bad idea, but I was willing to give it a chance. Unfortunately, nothing has warmed me up to him yet, and it feels like they spend more time saying that I should give him more time instead of showing me why I should give him more time.


I’ve been enjoying it so far, people have a tendency to dislike things that are different and I think this an example of that. It’s new and exciting to me. It would be easy to just poop out another run of the mill Nightwing story but they are trying something different. Dick is one of my all-time favorite characters, when written well he can be used to tell great stories, when not written so well he can come off as a poor man’s Daredevil and a 3rd rate batman which pretty much describes his whole rebirth run. At least they are trying something fresh.

Nightwing is my favorite character. I adore him. But I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to be able to suffer this Ric nonsense. I feel like it’s an attempt to reboot the character to be “hipper” and “Cooler”, but instead I feel like we’ve lost so much of what made Dick Grayson my favorite in the first place.
For me, I feel like Dick is someone I grew up with. He helped me understand grief, and feeling like you’re not appreciated, and finding your own self-worth. He showed me how distancing yourself from people you love isn’t always a bad thing, and that sometimes you have to trust yourself and walk away to really be what you want to be. He’s funny, and sarcastic, and quick witted, and open-minded. He has the biggest heart out of almost any of the DC heroes.
Ric is an attempt to make all those things true for a stand-off-ish man. Ric comes across as an attempt to turn Dick into Bruce.
And I’m only staying because Travis G. Moore is possibly the most talented Artist out there right now and I’ll buy the books to keep him employed.


There is, I think, a really interesting story to be told about a superhero recovering from and dealing with the lingering effects of a traumatic brain injury.

This, unfortunately, is not that story.

The one issue Percy wrote of “Ric” was quite good. It was interesting and nuanced.

Once he left, the book reverted to a big-standard amnesia storyline, and it’s now almost a year in and hasn’t gone anywhere.


In theory, I love the idea of an amnesia plotline. It’s a good way to strip a character down to the core and it can be used to highlight and explore multiple facets of the character.

In practice, Ric Grayson is a waste of paper. FFS beloved character are belove because of what makes them who they are, there’s no need to change them.


I bought the first few issues but the story started to annoy me so much I had to quit it for now.


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Nope, not a fan. One of the many books I’ve dropped this year because of the rampant deconstructionism that has seized current DC.


@bloodviolet You certainly popped back in at the right time! :blush:

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It’s been interesting.

I want my Nightwing back th, and I was excited for Percy on the book. Oh well.


It is way past time we get Dick back!


I thought someone might appreciate this…



Horrible story line. Ruined the character

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