Who else is friggin' excited for Swamp Thing?

The last time I buzzed this much was for the Infinity War trailer :smiley:

I sure am!

Swamp Thing is the main reason I signed to DCU and after watching the trailer I am super duper excited


The news that leaked today whether its rumor or not has me concerned. If its true that the season was cut down from 13 to 10 episodes why did WB not like how the show is turning out. Are they over budget and had to shorten the season ? Something isn’t right and its pretty quiet considering the teaser trailer came out today.


Considering Swamp Thing was more at the bottom of what I was looking forward to from the originals I’m hyped!

I just hope Swampy has a good amount of screen time in the average episode.

I wonder what Dick Durock thinks?


I am super excited after watching the trailer!




Swamp Thing was the 1A to my Doom Patrol’s 1 as far as reasons to sign up. I’m very encouraged by the look and equally discouraged by the news today. Here’s to hoping it’s a whole lot of worry over nothing

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They are saying it was cut short for “creative reasons” but it was a surprise to the cast and crew… They were under the impression it would be going on for 5 seasons. Interested to see whats really going on.

Anyone have any articles to share regarding this?

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More of a Harley guy myself, but I will try out Swamp Thing.

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