Who else binge read Superboy Vol 4

Yesterday, I finally finished Superboy Vol 4, well I mean I can’t find Superboy #100, but I finished it. what I would like to know is what did other people think of it, because what i thought was Superman’s clone saving the day and being a famous celebrity, but also going through the struggles of responsibility. It wasn’t just Tana Moon’s death that hurt Superboy. it was either people being mad at him for “making fun” of hawaiian culture while the media says Superboy made a fake event that endangered lives, and then when he goes missing, all of his friends leave hawaii. Then after he comes back from the other world after regaining his memories, Superboy finds out his friends are gone and he still feels like “The Last Boy on Earth”. But there was also some entertaining moments like Superboy travelling to different dimensions or having his own animated tv show, or maybe even going around town with Knockout. It was really exciting and a little bit depressing at the same time. maybe i just imagine Superboy as a younger version of Bojack Horseman, since they’re both celebrities from the 90s who’ve been through hard times, although i could be wrong. There was also that time Superboy turned into an adult despite the fact that he was stuck at an age of 16 when Roxy Leech gave him half of her dna when Superboy was melting. It was exciting but then Tana was murdered and she died while Superboy was still an adult, that’s when Superboy finally learned responsibility. although then there was a few other changes in Superboy’s life, like getting a new suit, and starting a relationship with Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) for awhile, and then Cadmus got shut down by the president at the time, Lex Luthor aka Superboy’s real dad. not only was Superboy traumatized by the things he saw in Our Worlds at War, like Impulse going into a coma but now he was homeless. Until he finally found an apartment and got a job as “The Super”. it lasted a few issues, but I don’t really know what happened after because the next thing i knew he was trapped in a kid version of Flashpoint where instead of superboy, there’s Doomsboy. So that’s pretty much it for what I have to say about Superboy vol 4. Oh, and I keep calling him Superboy, but his real name is Kon-El. what do you guys think?

If you want to know what happened to that version of Kon-El, read the original Young Justice; John’s Teen Titans and Adventure Comics; Infinite Crisis; and Legion of 3 World

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Oh I’ve read some of Young Justice and Teen Titans, Thanks

He’s also back in the ongoing Young Justice title by Bendis.

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I’m aware of that